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Theasaurus: Astonishment

12 Bible Verses about Astonishment

Most Relevant Verses

Jeremiah 18:16

They have made their land a horror,
a perpetual object of scorn;
everyone who passes by it will be horrified
and shake his head.

Ezekiel 3:14-15

So the Spirit lifted me up and took me away. I left in bitterness and in an angry spirit, and the Lord’s hand was on me powerfully. I came to the exiles at Tel-abib, who were living by the Chebar Canal, and I sat there among them stunned for seven days.

Daniel 3:24

Then King Nebuchadnezzar jumped up in alarm. He said to his advisers, “Didn’t we throw three men, bound, into the fire?”“Yes, of course, Your Majesty,” they replied to the king.

Daniel 8:27

I, Daniel, was overcome and lay sick for days. Then I got up and went about the king’s business. I was greatly disturbed by the vision and could not understand it.

Luke 2:47

And all those who heard Him were astounded at His understanding and His answers.

Luke 4:32

They were astonished at His teaching because His message had authority.

Mark 5:42

Immediately the girl got up and began to walk. (She was 12 years old.) At this they were utterly astounded.

Luke 5:9

For he and all those with him were amazed at the catch of fish they took,

Acts 10:45

The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astounded because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also.

Jeremiah 14:9

Why are You like a helpless man,
like a warrior unable to save?
Yet You are among us, Yahweh,
and we are called by Your name.
Don’t leave us!

Jeremiah 51:37

Babylon will become a heap of rubble,
a jackals’ den,
a desolation and an object of scorn,
without inhabitant.

Jeremiah 4:9

“On that day”—this is the Lord’s declaration—“the king and the officials will lose their courage. The priests will tremble in fear, and the prophets will be scared speechless.”

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