27 Bible Verses about God, As Spirit

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Isaiah 28:5-6

In that day is Jehovah of Hosts For a crown of beauty, and for a diadem of glory, To the remnant of His people. And for a spirit of judgment To him who is sitting in the judgment, And for might to those turning back the battle to the gate.

Isaiah 31:3

And the Egyptians are men, and not God, And their horses are flesh, and not spirit, And Jehovah stretcheth out His hand, And stumbled hath the helper, And fallen hath the helped one, And together all of them are consumed.

1 Kings 18:27

And it cometh to pass, at noon, that Elijah playeth on them, and saith, 'Call with a loud voice, for he is a god, for he is meditating, or pursuing, or on a journey; it may be he is asleep, an doth awake.'

Job 10:4-8

Eyes of flesh hast Thou? As man seeth -- seest Thou? As the days of man are Thy days? Thy years as the days of a man? That Thou inquirest for mine iniquity, And for my sin seekest?read more.
For Thou knowest that I am not wicked, And there is no deliverer from Thy hand. Thy hands have taken pains about me, And they make me together round about, And Thou swallowest me up!

Psalm 121:3-4

He suffereth not thy foot to be moved, Thy preserver slumbereth not. Lo, He slumbereth not, nor sleepeth, He who is preserving Israel.

Psalm 139:7

Whither do I go from Thy Spirit? And whither from Thy face do I flee?

Isaiah 34:16

Seek out of the book of Jehovah, and read, One of these hath not been lacking, None hath missed its companion, For My mouth -- it hath commanded, And His spirit -- He hath gathered them.

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

And the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty; and we all, with unvailed face, the glory of the Lord beholding in a mirror, to the same image are being transformed, from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Exodus 20:4

Thou dost not make to thyself a graven image, or any likeness which is in the heavens above, or which is in the earth beneath, or which is in the waters under the earth.

Exodus 34:17

a molten god thou dost not make to thyself.

Leviticus 26:1

Ye do not make to yourselves idols; and graven image or standing image ye do not set up to yourselves; and a stone of imagery ye do not put in your land, to bow yourselves to it; for I am Jehovah your God.

Acts 17:29

'Being, therefore, offspring of God, we ought not to think the Godhead to be like to gold, or silver, or stone, graving of art and device of man;

1 Kings 8:27

But, is it true? -- God dwelleth on the earth! lo, the heavens, and the heavens of the heavens do not contain Thee, how much less this house which I have builded!

2 Chronicles 6:18

(for is it true? -- God dwelleth with man on the earth! Lo, the heavens, and the heavens of the heavens, do not contain Thee, how much less this house that I have built?)

2 Chronicles 2:6

and who doth retain strength to build to Him a house, for the heavens, even the heavens of the heavens, do not contain Him? and who am I that I do build to Him a house, except to make perfume before Him?

Acts 7:48-50

'But the Most High in sanctuaries made with hands doth not dwell, according as the prophet saith: The heaven is My throne, and the earth My footstool; what house will ye build to Me? saith the Lord, or what is the place of My rest? hath not My hand made all these things?

1 Timothy 6:15-16

which in His own times He shall shew -- the blessed and only potentate, the King of the kings and Lord of the lords, who only is having immortality, dwelling in light unapproachable, whom no one of men did see, nor is able to see, to whom is honour and might age-during! Amen.

Deuteronomy 4:15-19

and ye have been very watchful of your souls, for ye have not seen any similitude in the day of Jehovah's speaking unto you in Horeb out of the midst of the fire, lest ye do corruptly, and have made to you a graven image, a similitude of any figure, a form of male or female -- a form of any beast which is in the earth -- a form of any winged bird which flieth in the heavens -- read more.
a form of any creeping thing on the ground -- a form of any fish which is in the waters under the earth; 'And lest thou lift up thine eyes towards the heavens, and hast seen the sun, and the moon, and the stars, all the host of the heavens, and thou hast been forced, and hast bowed thyself to them, and served them, which Jehovah thy God hath apportioned to all the peoples under the whole heavens.

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