God Blesses

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 67:6

[The] earth has yielded its produce. God, our God, will bless us.

Psalm 67:7

God will bless us, and all [the] ends of [the] earth will fear him.

Psalm 5:12

For you bless [the] righteous. O Yahweh, like a shield you surround him [with] good favor.

Proverbs 3:33

The curse of Yahweh [is] on the house of the wicked, and the abode of the righteous ones he blesses.

Proverbs 10:6

Blessings [belong] to the head of the righteous, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.

Psalm 21:3

For you meet him [with] blessings of good [things]. You set on his head a crown of fine gold.

Psalm 21:6

For you set [on] him blessings forever. You make him glad with [the] joy [of] your presence.

Numbers 24:1

And Balaam saw that {it pleased} Yahweh to bless Israel, and he did not go {as other times} {to seek out} sorcery; instead, he set his face toward the desert.

Romans 15:29

and I know that [when I] come to you, I will come in the fullness of the blessing of Christ.

Numbers 22:12

God said to Balaam, "You will not go with them; you will not curse the people, because they [are] blessed."

Psalm 107:38

And he blesses them and they multiply greatly, and he does not let their cattle become few.

Psalm 65:10

You drench its furrows, penetrating its ridges. With rains you soften it; its growth you bless.

Hebrews 6:7

For ground that drinks the rain that comes often upon it, and brings forth vegetation usable to those [people] {for whose sake} [it is] also cultivated, shares a blessing from God.

Isaiah 65:23

They shall not labor for nothing, and they shall not give birth to horror, for they {shall be offspring blessed by} Yahweh, and their descendants with them.

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