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8 Bible Verses about Once A Day

Most Relevant Verses

Hebrews 10:11

And while every priest stands ministering, day after day, and constantly offering the same sacrifices--though such can never rid us of our sins--

Luke 11:3

give us day after day our bread for the day;

Matthew 20:2

and having made an agreement with them for a shilling a day, sent them into his vineyard.

Acts 3:2

some men were carrying there one who had been lame from birth, whom they were wont to place every day close to the Beautiful Gate (as it was called)

Acts 19:9

But some grew obstinate in unbelief and spoke evil of the new faith before all the congregation. So Paul left them, and, taking with him those who were disciples, held discussions daily in Tyrannus's lecture-hall.

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