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31 Bible Verses about Other References To Mouths

Most Relevant Verses

2 Kings 4:34

Then gat he up, and lay upon the child, and put his own mouth upon his mouth, and his own eyes upon his eyes, and his own hands upon his hands, and bowed himself upon him, - and the flesh of the child, waxed warm.

Lamentations 3:29

Let him put, in the dust, his mouth, peradventure, there is hope!

Isaiah 6:7

Then touched he my month, and said - Lo! this hath touched thy lips, - Thus shall be taken away, thine iniquity, And, thy sin, by propitiation be covered.

Song of Solomon 4:3

Like a cord of crimson, are thy lips, and, thy mouth, is lovely, - Like a slice of pomegranate, are thy temples, behind thy veil:

Song of Solomon 1:2

SHELet him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! THEYFor better are thy caresses than wine:

Ezekiel 38:4

Therefore I will turn thee about, and will put hooks in thy jaws, - and bring thee forth and all thine army. Horses and horsemen Clothed with gorgeous attire, all of them, A mighty gathered host With shield and buckler handling swords tall of them:

Job 41:14

The doors of his face, who hath opened? The circles of his teeth, are a terror!

Daniel 6:22

My God, hath sent his messenger, and hath shut the mouth of the lions, and they have not hurt me; forasmuch as, before him, rectitude was found in me, moreover also, before thee, O king, no, crime, had I committed.

Hebrews 11:33

Who, through faith - prevailed in contest over kingdoms, wrought righteousness, attained unto promises, shut the mouths of lions,

Genesis 4:11

Now therefore, accursed, art thou, - from the ground which hath opened her mouth, to receive the shed-blood of thy brother at thy hand.

Numbers 26:10

and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up - with Korah also, when the assembly died, - when the fire consumed two hundred and fifty men, and they became a warning;

Psalm 106:17

The earth opened and engulfed Dathan, and covered up the assembly of Abiram;

Revelation 12:15

And the serpent cast out of his mouth, after the woman, water as a river, that he might cause her to be carried away by the stream.

Revelation 12:16

And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

Matthew 15:11

Not that which entereth into the mouth, defileth the man, but, that which proceedeth out of the mouth, the same, defileth the man,

Matthew 15:17

Perceive ye not that, every thing which entereth into the mouth, into the stomach, findeth way, and, into the draught, is passed;

Matthew 15:18

while, the things which proceed out of the mouth, out of the heart, come forth, and, they, defile the man.

John 19:29

A vessel, was standing, full of vinegar. A sponge, therefore, full of the vinegar, put about, hyssop, brought they unto his mouth.

Acts 23:2

And, the High-priest, Ananias, ordered them that stood by him, to be smiting him on the mouth.

Psalm 22:13

They have opened wide against me their mouth, A lion rending and roaring.

James 3:3

Now, if, the horses bits, into their mouths, we thrust, to the end they may be yielding to us, their whole body also, do we turn about.

Revelation 1:16

And, having in his right hand, seven stars, and, out of his mouth, a sharp, two-edged sword, going forth; and, his whole appearance, as when, the sun, shineth in its strength.

Revelation 19:15

and, out of his mouth, is going forth a sharp sword, that, therewith, he may smite the nations, - and, he, shall shepherd them with a sceptre of iron, and, he, treadeth the wine-press of the wrath of the anger of God the Almighty.

Revelation 2:16

Repent, therefore, otherwise, I come unto thee speedily, - and will fight against them, with the sword of my mouth.

Revelation 9:17

And, thus, saw I the horses in the vision, - and them who were sitting upon them, having breastplates as of fire and hyacinth and brimstone; - and, the heads of the horses, were as heads of lions, and, out of their mouths, come forth fire and smoke and brimstone:

Revelation 9:18

by these three plagues, were slain, the third part of mankind, by reason of the fire and the smoke and the brimstone, that proceedeth out of their mouths;

Revelation 9:19

for, the licence of the horses, is, in their mouth, and in their tails, for, their tails, are like unto serpents, having heads, and, with them, they injure.

Revelation 13:2

And, the beast which I saw, was like unto a leopard; and, his feet, as of a bear, and, his mouth, as the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave unto him his power, and his throne, and great authority.

Revelation 16:13

And I saw, out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false-prophet, three impure spirits, as frogs;

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