People Accusing People

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 109:4

Instead of receiving my love, they accuse me, though I continue in prayer.

Daniel 6:4-5

Because of this, the administrators and regional authorities tried to bring allegations of dereliction of duty in government affairs against Daniel, but they were unable to find any charges of corruption. Daniel was trustworthy, and no evidence of negligence or corruption could be found against him. So these men said, "We'll never find any basis for complaint against Daniel unless we build it on the requirements of his God."

2 Samuel 3:7-8

Meanwhile, Saul had a mistress named Rizpah, who was the daughter of Aiah. Ish-bosheth asked Abner, "Why did you have sex with my father's mistress?" What Ish-bosheth said made Abner furious, so he replied, "A dog's head for Judah is that what I am? Up until today I've kept on showing loyalty to your father Saul's dynasty, to his relatives and friends, and I haven't turned you over to David, but you're charging me today with moral guilt regarding this woman!

Ezra 4:6

At the beginning of the reign of Ahasuerus, they lodged a formal accusation against the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem.

Acts 19:38

So if Demetrius and his workers have a charge against anyone, the courts are open and there are proconsuls. They should accuse one another there.

Acts 24:1

Five days later, the high priest Ananias arrived with certain elders and Tertullus, an attorney, and they summarized their case against Paul before the governor.

Acts 25:2

The high priests and Jewish leaders informed him of their charges against Paul, urging

Acts 25:7

When Paul arrived, the Jewish leaders who had come down from Jerusalem surrounded him and began bringing a number of serious charges against him that they couldn't prove.

Acts 24:13

and they cannot prove to you the charges they are now bringing against me.

Daniel 3:8

Just then, certain influential Chaldeans took this opportunity to come forward and denounce the Jews.

Daniel 6:24

Then the king gave orders to bring those men who had tried to have Daniel devoured, and they threw them, their children, and their wives into the lions' pit. They had not reached the floor of the pit before the lions had overtaken them and crushed all their bones.

Daniel 6:5

So these men said, "We'll never find any basis for complaint against Daniel unless we build it on the requirements of his God."

Matthew 5:25

Come to terms quickly with your opponent while you are on the way to court, or your opponent may hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the guard, and you will be thrown into prison.

John 5:45

Do not suppose that I will be the one to accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom you have set your hope,

Acts 23:30

Since a plot against the man has been reported to me, I'm sending him to you at once, and I've also ordered his accusers to present their charges against him before you."

Acts 24:9

The Jewish leaders supported his accusations by asserting that these things were true.

Acts 24:19

But some Jews from Asia were there, and they should be here before you to accuse me if they have anything against me.

Acts 25:5

"Therefore," he said, "have your authorities come down with me and present their charges against him there, if there is anything wrong with the man."

Acts 25:15

When I went to Jerusalem, the high priests and the Jewish elders informed me about him and asked me to condemn him.

Acts 25:18

When his accusers stood up, they didn't accuse him of any of the crimes I was expecting.

Acts 26:7

Our twelve tribes, worshiping day and night with intense devotion, hope to attain it. It is because of this hope, O King, that I am accused by the Jews.

Psalm 109:6

Appoint an evil person over him; may an accuser stand at his right side.

Psalm 109:20

May this be the way the LORD repays my accuser, those who speak evil against me.

Psalm 109:29

May my accusers be clothed with shame and wrapped in their humiliation as with a robe.

Acts 28:19

But the Jews objected and forced me to appeal to the emperor, even though I have no countercharge to bring against my own people.

Acts 23:29

I found that, although he was charged with questions about their Law, there was no charge against him deserving death or imprisonment.

Acts 25:27

For it seems to me absurd to send a prisoner without specifying the charges against him."

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