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21 Bible Verses about People Teaching

Most Relevant Verses

Deuteronomy 31:22

So Moses wrote the song that very day and taught it to the Israelis.

2 Kings 12:2

Jehoash did what the LORD considered to be right during the entire time when Jehoiada the priest was instructing him,

Ecclesiastes 12:9

Moreover, besides being wise himself, the Teacher taught people what he had learned by listening, making inquiries, and composing many proverbs.

Job 4:3

Look! You've admonished many people, and you've strengthened feeble hands.

Jeremiah 13:21

What will you say when the LORD appoints over you as your head those whom you taught to be your allies? Pain will seize you like that seizing a woman about to give birth, will it not?

Deuteronomy 32:2

May my instructions descend like rain and may my words flow like dew, as light rain upon the grass, and as showers upon new plants.

Psalm 51:13

Then I will teach transgressors about your ways, and sinners will turn to you.

Romans 2:21

as you teach others, do you fail to teach yourself? As you preach against stealing, do you steal?

Job 6:24

"Instruct me, and I'll remain silent. Help me understand where I've gone astray.

Jeremiah 9:20

"Now, you women, hear the message from the LORD; listen to what he has to say! Teach your daughters how to mourn, let every woman teach her friend how to lament.

Judges 8:16

So he took the elders of the city and disciplined the men of Succoth with thorns and briers from the desert.

Daniel 1:5

The king assigned them fine food and choice wine on a daily basis, ordering them to be trained for three years, at the end of which time they would enter the king's service.

1 Chronicles 15:22

Chenaniah, music leader for the descendants of Levi, served as music director, because he was expert at it.

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