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Theasaurus: Quivers

7 Bible Verses about Quivers

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 27:3

so go find your weapons, take your bow and arrows, go outside, and hunt some game for me.

Job 39:23

A quiver of arrows rattles against his side, along with a flashing spear and a lance.

Isaiah 22:6

Elam takes up the quiver with chariots and cavalry, while Kir unsheathes the shield.

Jeremiah 5:16

Their quiver is like an open grave, and all of them are powerful warriors.

Isaiah 49:2

He made my mouth like a sharp sword; he hid me in the shadow of his hands. He made me like a polished arrow and hid me away in his quivers.

Lamentations 3:13

He caused his war arrows to pierce my vital organs.

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