Ten Or More Days

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 24:55

But her brother and mother said, "Let the young lady stay with us a few days at least ten and after that she may go."

1 Samuel 25:38

About ten days later the LORD struck Nabal, and he died.

Jeremiah 42:7

At the end of ten days a message from the LORD came to Jeremiah.

Daniel 1:14

So he listened to what Daniel said and tested them for ten days.

Daniel 1:12

"Please test your servants for ten days and let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink.

Deuteronomy 1:2

It takes eleven days to travel from Horeb to Kadesh-barnea via Mount Seir.

Acts 24:11

"Since I know that you have been a judge over this nation for many years, I am pleased to present my defense. You can verify for yourself that I went up to worship in Jerusalem no more than twelve days ago.

1 Kings 8:65

So Solomon observed the Festival of Tents at that time, as did all of Israel with him. A large assembly came up from as far away as Lebo-hamath and the Wadi of Egypt to appear in the presence of the LORD our God, not just for seven days, but for seven days after that, a total of fourteen days.

Leviticus 12:5

"If she gives birth to a female, then she is to remain unclean for two weeks, just like her menstruation. She is to remain in purification for 66 days due to her blood loss.

Acts 27:27

It was the fourteenth night, and we were drifting through the Adriatic Sea, when about midnight the sailors suspected that land was near.

Acts 27:33

Right up to daybreak Paul kept urging all of them to eat something. He said, "Today is the fourteenth day that you have been waiting and going without food, not eating anything.

Galatians 1:18

Then three years later, I went up to Jerusalem to become acquainted with Cephas, and I stayed with him for fifteen days.

Daniel 10:13

However, the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me for 21 days. Then all of a sudden, Michael, one of the chief angels, came to assist me! I had been detained there near the kings of Persia.

Daniel 10:2

"At that time I, Daniel, had been mourning for three straight weeks.

Daniel 10:3

I ate no fancy foods neither meat nor wine entered my mouth. Furthermore, I didn't use any ointment until the end of the entire three weeks.

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