Too Many Words

Most Relevant Verses

Job 16:3

[Is there] a limit to windy words? What provokes you that you answer?

Job 11:2

"Should an abundance of words go unanswered, or {a man full of talk} be vindicated?

Ezekiel 35:13

And you magnified yourself against me with your {insolent speech}, and you spoke voluminously against me [with] your words--I heard!

Acts 20:7

And on the first [day] of the week, [when] we had assembled to break bread, Paul began conversing with them, [because he] was going to leave on the next day, and he extended [his] message until midnight.

Ecclesiastes 6:11

{Increasing words only multiplies futility}, how does that profit anyone?

Proverbs 15:28

A heart of righteousness will ponder the answer, but a mouth of wickedness will pour out deceit.

Ecclesiastes 10:14

The fool {talks too much}, for no one knows what will be. Who can tell anyone what will happen {in the future}?

Job 15:2

"Should [the] wise answer [with] windy knowledge, and should he fill his stomach [with the] east wind?

Job 35:16

{therefore} Job opens his mouth in empty talk-- without knowledge he multiplies words."

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