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Theasaurus: Unicorns

14 Bible Verses about Unicorns

Most Relevant Verses

Job 39:9

Is the wild ox willing to serve you? Will he sleep at night near your feeding trough?

Isaiah 34:7

Wild oxen will fall together with them young steers and mighty bulls. Their land will be drenched with blood, and their soil will be swollen with fat.

Deuteronomy 33:17

May the firstborn of his bull be honorable to him, and may his horns be those of a wild ox. With them may he push people all together, to the ends of the earth. These are the myriads of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh."

Psalm 22:21

Deliver me from the mouth of the lion, from the horns of the wild oxen. You have answered me.

Psalm 29:6

He makes them stagger like a calf, even Lebanon and Sirion like a young wild ox.

Psalm 78:69

He built his sanctuary, high as the heavens, like the earth that he established forever.

Psalm 75:10

I will cut down the strength of the wicked, but the strength of the righteous will be lifted up. To the Director: With stringed instruments. A psalm of Asaph. A song.

Job 39:10

Can you bind the ox to plow a furrow with a rope? Will he harrow after you in the valley?

Psalm 92:10

You've grown my strength like the horn of a wild ox; I was anointed with fresh oil.

Numbers 24:8

God is bringing them out of Egypt with the strength of an ox. He'll devour enemy nations, break their bones, and impale them with arrows.

Psalm 22:12

Many bulls have surrounded me; the vicious bulls of Bashan have encircled me.

Isaiah 34:3

Their slain will be thrown out; and as for their dead bodies their stench will ascend; the mountains will be soaked with their blood.

Psalm 89:17

For you are their strength's grandeur; by your favor you exalted our power.

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