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7 Bible Verses about Worldly Pleasures, Nature Of

Most Relevant Verses

Job 21:12-13

singing to the tambourine and lyre
and rejoicing at the sound of the flute. They spend their days in prosperity
and go down to Sheol in peace.

Exodus 32:4

He took the gold from their hands, fashioned it with an engraving tool, and made it into an image of a calf.Then they said, “Israel, this is your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt!”

Judges 16:23-25

Now the Philistine leaders gathered together to offer a great sacrifice to their god Dagon. They rejoiced and said:Our god has handed over
our enemy Samson to us. When the people saw him, they praised their god and said:Our god has handed over to us
our enemy who destroyed our land
and who multiplied our dead. When they were drunk, they said, “Bring Samson here to entertain us.” So they brought Samson from prison, and he entertained them. They had him stand between the pillars.

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