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'Wiser' in the Bible

For he was wiser than all [other] men, [wiser] than Ethan the Ezrahite, and Heman, Calcol, and Darda, the sons of Mahol. His fame was known in all the surrounding nations.

Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earthAnd makes us wiser than the birds of the heavens?’

Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies,For Your words are always with me.

Give instruction to a wise man and he will become even wiser;Teach a righteous man and he will increase his learning.

The lazy person is wiser in his own eyesThan seven [sensible] men who can give a discreet answer.

Behold, you are [imagining yourself] wiser than Daniel;There is no secret [you think] that is hidden from you;

And his master commended the unjust manager [not for his misdeeds, but] because he had acted shrewdly [by preparing for his future unemployment]; for the sons of this age [the non-believers] are shrewder in relation to their own kind [that is, to the ways of the secular world] than are the sons of light [the believers].

[This is] because the foolishness of God [is not foolishness at all and] is wiser than men [far beyond human comprehension], and the weakness of God is stronger than men [far beyond the limits of human effort].

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