1 For, yourselves, know, brethren, our entrance which was unto you - that it hath not proved void; 2 But, though we had previously suffered, and been insulted, even as ye know, in Philippi, we waxed bold in our God to speak unto you the glad-message of God with much conflict. 3 For, our exhortation, is not of error, nor of uncleanness, nor in guile, 4 But, even as we have been approved by God, to be entrusted with the glad-message, so, we speak, - not as, unto men, giving pleasure, but unto God - who proveth our hearts. 5 For neither at any time were we found, using words of flattery, - even as ye know, nor a pretext for greed - God, is witness! 6 Nor, of men, seeking glory - either from you, or from others, though we could have assumed, dignity, as Apostles of Christ; 7 But we became gentle in your midst, - as though, a nursing mother, had been cherishing her own children: 8 Thus, yearning after you, we could have been well-pleased to impart unto you - not only the glad-message of God, but, our own lives also, - because, very dear to us, had ye become. 9 For ye remember, brethren, our toil and hardship: night and day, working, so as not to be a burden unto any of you, we proclaimed unto you the glad-message of God, 10 Ye, are witnesses - God also, how kindly and righteously and blamelessly, unto you who were believing, we were found to behave; 11 Even as ye know how, unto each one of you, we were as a father unto his own children, consoling you, and soothing, and calling o witness, - 12 To the end ye might be walking in a manner worthy of God, who is calling you unto his own kingdom and glory,
13 And, for this cause, we, are also giving thanks unto God unceasingly, that, when ye received a spoken word from us - which was God's, ye welcomed it - not as a human word, but, even as it truly is, a divine word, - which is also inwardly working itself in you who believe. 14 For, ye, became, imitators, brethren, of the assemblies of God which are in Judaea, in Christ Jesus, in that, the same things, ye, also suffered by your own fellow-countrymen, even as, they, also by the Jews: 15 Who have both slain the, Lord, Jesus - and the prophets, and, us, have persecuted, and, unto God, are displeasing, and, unto all men, are contrary, - 16 Hindering us from speaking, unto the nations, that they might be saved, to the filling up of their own sins, continually; but anger hath overtaken them at length.
17 Now, we, brethren, having been bereaved away from you, for the season of an hour, - in presence, not in heart, gave more abundant diligence, your face, to behold, with much longing; 18 Wherefore, we desired to come unto you - even, I, Paul, both once and again, - and, Satan, thwarted us. 19 For what shall be our hope, or joy, or crown of boasting? Shall not even, ye, before our Lord Jesus, in his Presence? 20 Ye, in fact, are our glory and joy.