1 And it will be at the return of the year, at the time of the going forth of kings, and David will send Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they will destroy the sons of Ammon, and they will watch closely against Rabbah And David will dwell in Jerusalem.
2 And it will be at the time of the evening, and David will rise from off his bed, and will go upon the roof of the king's house: and he will see from the roof a woman washing herself; and the woman good of aspect exceedingly. 3 And David will send and seek for the woman, and say, Is not this Bath-Sheba, daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?
4 And David will send messengers and take her: and she will come in to him, and he will lie with her; (and she being consecrated from her uncleanness:) and she will turn back to her house. 5 And the woman will conceive, and send and announce to David, and say, I am pregnant
6 And David will send to Joab, Send to me Uriah the Hittite. And Joab will send Uriah to David. 7 And Uriah will come to him, and David will ask for peace of Joab, and for the peace of the people, and for the peace of the host 8 And David will say to Uriah, Go down to thy house and wash thy feet And Uriah will go forth from the house of the king and a loan of the king will go forth after him. 9 And Uriah will lie at the door of the house of the king with all the servants of his lord, and will not go down to his house.
10 And they will announce to David, saying Uriah went not down to his house; and David will say to Uriah, Camest thou not from the way? wherefore wentest thou not down to thy house?
11 And Uriah will say to David, The ark, and Israel, and Judah, dwell in tents; and my lord Joab and the servants of my lord are encamping upon the face of the field; and shall I come into my house to eat and to drink and to lie with my wife? Thee living and thy soul living, if I shall do this word.
12 And David will say to Uriah, Dwell here also this day, and to-morrow I will send thee away. And Uriah dwelt in Jerusalem in that day and from the morrow. 13 And David will call for him, and he will eat before him and drink; and he will make him drunk: and he will go forth in the evening to lie upon his bed with the servants of his lord; and he will not go down to his house.
14 And it will be in the morning, and David will write a letter to Joab, and send by the hand of Uriah. 15 And he will write in the letter: saying, Bring in Uriah to the front of the face of the strong battle, and turn ye back from after him, and he shall be smitten and die.
16 And it will be in Joab's watching the city, and he will give Uriah to the place where he knew that strong men were there. 17 And the men of the city will go forth and fight with Joab: and there will fall of the people from the servants of David; and Uriah the Hittite also will die.
18 And Joab will send and announce to David all the words of the war; 19 And be will command the messenger, saying, When thou finishest all the words of the war to speak to the king, 20 And it being if the wrath of the king shall go up, and he say to thee, Wherefore drew ye near to the city to fight? did ye not know that they cast from above the wall? 21 Who struck Abimelech, son of Jerubbesheth? Did not a woman cast upon him a piece of the upper millstone from above the wall, and he will die in Thebez? Wherefore drew ye near to the wall? And say thou, Also thy servant, Uriah the Hittite died. 22 And the messenger will go, and come and announce to David all that for which Joab sent him. 23 And the messenger will say to David, That the men were strengthened upon us, and they came out to us to the field, and they were upon them, even to the door of the gate. 24 And they beholding, aimed at thy servants from above the wall: and from the servants of the king will die, and also thy servant, Uriah the Hittite died.
25 And David will say to the messenger, Thus shalt thou say to Joab, This same word shall not be evil in thine eyes, as this, and as this, the sword shall consume: strengthen thy battle against the city and pull it down: and strengthen yourselves.
26 And Uriah's wife will hear that Uriah her husband died, and she will mourn for her lord. 27 And the mourning will pass over, and David will send and take her to his house, and she will be to him for wife, and bear to him a son. And the word which David did will be evil in the eyes of Jehovah.