1 And as I looked, behold, in the firmament that was above the cherubims there appeared the similitude of a stool of sapphire upon them. 2 Then said he that sat therein, to him that had the linen raiment upon him, "Creep in between the wheels that are under the Cherubims, and take thine hand full of hot coals out from between the Cherubims, and cast them over the city. And he crept in, that I might see."
3 Now the Cherubims stood upon the rightside of the house, when the man went in, and the cloud filled the innermore court. 4 But the glory of the LORD removed from the Cherubims, and came upon the threshold of the house: so that the temple was full of clouds, and the court was full of the shine of the LORD's glory. 5 Yea and the sound of the Cherubims' wings was heard into the fore court, like as it had been the voice of the almighty God when he speaketh.
6 Now when he had bidden the man that was clothed in linen, to go and take the hot coals from the midst of the wheels, which were under the Cherubims: he went and stood beside the wheels. 7 Then the one Cherub reached forth his hand from under the Cherubims, unto the fire that was between the Cherubims, and took thereof, and gave it unto him that had on the linen raiment, in his hand: which took it, and went out. 8 And under the wings of the Cherubims, there appeared the likeness of a man's hand.
9 I saw also four wheels beside the Cherubims, so that by every Cherub there stood a wheel. And the wheels were, to look upon, after the fashion of the precious stone of Tharsis, 10 yet unto the sight were they fashioned and like, as if one wheel had been in another. 11 When they went forth, they went all four together, not turning about in their going. But where the first went, thither went they after also, so that they turned not about in their going. 12 Their whole bodies, their backs, their hands and wings, yea and the wheels also, were all full of eyes round about them, all four. 13 And I heard him call the wheels Gilgal. 14 Every one of them had four faces: so that the one face was the face of a Cherub, the second of a man, the third of a lion, the fourth of an Eagle,
15 and they were lifted up above. This is the beast, that I saw at the water of Chebar. 16 Now when the Cherubims went, the wheels went with them; and when the Cherubims shook their wings to lift themselves upward, the wheels remained not behind, but were with them also. 17 Shortly, when they stood, these stood also: And when they were lift up, the wheels were lift up also with them: for the spirit of life was in the wheels.
18 Then the glory of the LORD was lift up from the threshold of the temple, and remained upon the Cherubims. 19 And the Cherubims flickered with their wings, and lift themselves up from the earth: so that I saw when they went, and the wheels with them. And they stood at the east side of the port that is in the house of the LORD. So the glory of the LORD was upon them.
20 This is the beast that I saw under the God of Israel, by the water of Chebar. And I perceived, that it was the Cherubims. 21 Every one had four faces, and every one four wings, and under their wings, as it were men's hands. 22 Now the figure of their faces was even as I had seen them, by the water of Chebar, and so was the countenance of them: Every one in his going went straight forward.