1 But the desert and wilderness shall rejoice, the waste ground shall be glad, and flourish as the lily. 2 She shall flourish pleasantly, and be joyful, and ever be giving thanks more and more. For the glory of Lebanon, the beauty of Carmel and Sharon shall be given her. These shall know the honour of the LORD, and the majesty of our God. 3 And therefore strengthen the weak hands, and comfort the feeble knees. 4 Say unto them that are of a fearful heart, "Be of good cheer, and fear not. Behold, your God cometh, to take vengeance, and to reward, God cometh his own self, and will deliver you." 5 Then shall the eyes of the blind be lightened, and the ears of the deaf opened. 6 Then shall the lame man leap as a hart and the dumb man's tongue shall give thanks. In the wilderness also, there shall wells spring, and floods of water in the desert. 7 The dry ground shall turn to rivers, and the thirsty to springs of water. Whereas dragons dwelt afore, there shall grow sweet flowers and green rushes. 8 There shall be foot paths and common streets: this shall be called the holy way. No unclean person shall go through it, for the LORD himself shall go with them that way, and the ignorant shall not err. 9 There shall be no lion, and no ravishing beast shall come therein, nor be there, but men shall go there free and safe. 10 And the redeemed of the LORD shall convert, and come to Zion with thanksgiving. Everlasting joy shall they have, pleasure and gladness shall be among them. And as for all sorrow and heaviness, it shall vanish away.