1 Now, therefore, Thus, saith Yahweh - Creating thee, O Jacob, and Fashioning thee O Israel, - Do not fear, For I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name. Mine, thou art! 2 When thou passest through the waters, with thee, I am, Or, through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee, - When thou walkest through fire, thou shall not be scorched, And, a flame, shall not kindle upon thee; 3 For, I, - Yahweh, am, Thy God, The Holy One of Israel Ready to save thee, - I have given, as thy ransom, Egypt, Ethiopia and Seba, in thy stead. 4 Because thou art precious in mine eyes, art honoured And, I, love thee, - And will give mankind, in thy stead, Yea, peoples, for thy life, 5 Do not fear for, with thee, I am, - From the East, will I bring in thy seed, And, from the West, will I gather thee: 6 I will say to the North Give up! And to the South Do not withhold! Bring in My sons from far, and My daughters from the end of the earth; 7 Every one who is called by my Name, Whom for mine own glory, I have created - formed - yea, made!
8 Bring forth A blind people that have, eyes, and A deaf, that have, ears. 9 All the nations, are gathered together Yea there is an assembling of peoples, Who among them, can tell this, And things in advance, can let us hear? Let them set forth their witnesses that they may get their right, Or let them hear, and say Truth! 10 Ye, are my witnesses Declareth Yahweh, And my Servant, whom I have chosen, - That ye may take note - and believe me, And perceive that, I, am He, Before me, was not formed a GOD, Nor after me, shall one come into being: 11 I - I, am Yahweh, - And there is none besides me ready to save: 12 I, have told - and will save, and make known, That there is among you no strange one; And, ye, are my witnesses, Declareth Yahweh That, I, am GOD. 13 Even from To-day, I, am He, And none, out of my hand, can deliver, - I work and who reverseth?
14 Thus saith Yahweh, Your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel, - For your sakes, have I sent into Babylon, And will bring down as fugitives, all of them, - Even the Chaldeans, in the ships which cause them loud outcry. 15 I - Yahweh, am Your Holy One, - The Creator of Israel, Your King.
16 Thus, saith Yahweh, - Who setteth in the sea, a way, - And in the mighty waters, a path; 17 Who bringeth forth Chariot and horse, Force and strength, Together, shall they he down They shall not arise, They are extinguished Like a wick, are they quenched! 18 Do not keep in mind former things, - And things of old, do not consider: 19 Behold me! doing a new thing, Now, shall it spring forth, Will ye not take note thereof? Surely I will set In the desert, a way, In a desolate land, rivers: 20 The wild beast of the field shall honour me, Jackals, and ostriches, Because I have given - In the desert, waters, Rivers in, desolate land, To give drink unto my people, my chosen: 21 A people which I have fashioned for myself, My praise, shall they record.
22 Yet not upon me, hast thou called, O Jacob, - For thou hast been wearied of me O Israel: 23 Thou hast not brought in to me small cattle as thine ascending-offerings, Nor, with thy sacrifices, hast thou honoured me, - I have not oppressed thee with meal-offerings, Nor have I wearied thee with frankincense; 24 Thou hast not bought for me with silver, fragrant calamus, Nor with the fat of thy sacrifices, hast thou sated me, - Thou hast done nothing but oppress me with thy sins, Thou hast wearied me with thine iniquities.
25 I - I, am he that is ready, To wipe out thy transgressions for mine own sake, - And, thy sins, not remember. 26 Put me in mind, Let us enter into judgment at once, - Recount, thou, that thou mayest be justified: 27 Thy chief father, hath sinned, And thine interpreters, have transgressed against me; 28 So then I must needs profane the rulers of the holy place, - And deliver Jacob to be devoted to destruction, and Israel, unto reviling!