1 Hearken ye isles unto me, and give heed ye people that are afar. The LORD called me out of the womb and made mention of my name, when I was in my mother's bowels. 2 And he made my mouth like a sharp sword. In the shadow he led me with his hand. And he made me as an excellent arrow, and hid in his quiver. 3 And he said to me, "Thou art my servant O Israel, in whom I will be glorified." 4 And I said, "I labour in vain and spend my strength for nought, and unprofitably. Howbeit, my cause I commit to the LORD and my travail unto my God." 5 And now saith the LORD that formed me in the womb, to be his servant and to turn Jacob unto him, 6 "Behold, I have made thee a light, that thou shouldest be salvation, even unto the end of the world. Kings shall see, and rulers shall stand up and shall worship, because of the LORD, which is faithful; and the holy of Israel hath chosen thee. 7 Moreover, thus sayeth the LORD the avenger and holy one of Israel, because of the abhorring and despising among the Gentiles, concerning the servant of all them that bear rule: Kings and Princes shall see, and arise and worship, because of the LORD that he is faithful: and because of the holy one of Israel, which hath chosen thee.
8 And thus sayeth the LORD: In the time appointed will I be present with thee. And in the hour of health will I help thee, and deliver thee. I will make thee a pledge for the people, so that thou shalt help up the earth again, and challenge again the scattered heritages: 9 That thou mayest say to the prisoners, "Go forth," and to them that are in darkness, "Come into the light." That they may feed in the high ways, and get their living in all places. 10 There shall neither hunger nor thirst, heat nor Sun hurt them. For he that favoureth them shall lead them, and give them drink of the spring wells. 11 I will make ways upon all my mountains, and my foot paths shall be exalted. 12 And behold, they shall come from far: lo, some from the north and west, some from the south.
13 Rejoice ye heavens, and sing praises thou earth: Talk of joy ye hills, for God will comfort his people, and have mercy upon his, that be in trouble.
14 Then shall Zion say, "God hath forsaken me, and the LORD hath forgotten me." 15 Doth a wife forget the child of her womb, and the son who she hath born? And though she do forget, yet will not I forget thee. 16 Behold, I have written thee up upon my hands, thy walls are ever in my sight. 17 They that have broken thee down, shall make haste to build thee up again: and they that made thee waste, shall dwell in thee. 18 Lift up thine eyes, and look about thee: all these shall gather them together, and come to thee. As truly as I live, sayeth the LORD, thou shalt put them all upon thee as an apparel, and gird them to thee, as an bride doth her jewels. 19 As for thy land that lieth desolate, wasted and destroyed: it shall be too narrow for them, that shall dwell in it. And they that would devour thee, shall be far away. 20 Then the child whom the barren shall bring forth unto thee, shall say in thine ear, "This place is too narrow, sit nigh together, that I may have room." 21 Then shalt thou think by thyself, "Who hath begotten me these? Seeing I am barren and alone, a captive and an outcast? And who hath nourished them up for me? I am desolate and alone, but from whence come these?"
22 And therefore thus sayeth the LORD God: Behold, I will stretch out mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my token to the people. They shall bring thy sons in their laps, and carry thy daughters unto thee upon their shoulders. 23 For kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and Queens shall be thy nursing mothers. They shall fall before thee with their faces flat upon the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet: that thou mayest know, how that I am the LORD. And who so putteth his trust in me, shall not be confounded.
24 Who spoileth the giant of his prey? Or, who taketh the prisoners from the mighty? 25 And therefore thus sayeth the LORD: The prisoners shall be taken from the giant, and the spoil delivered from the violent; for I will maintain thy cause against thine adversaries, and save thy sons. 26 And will feed thine enemies with their own flesh, and make them drink of their own blood, as of sweet wine. And all flesh shall know, O Jacob, that I am the LORD - thy Saviour and strong avenger.