1 So Eliphaz the Temanite gave answer, and said, 2 "May a man be profitable unto God, as he that is wise may be profitable unto himself? 3 Is it any advantage to the Almighty that thou art righteous? Or what doth it profit him, that thy ways are perfect?
4 Is he afraid to reprove thee, and to step forth with thee into judgment? 5 Is not thy wickedness great, and thine ungracious deeds innumerable? 6 Thou hast taken the pledge from thy brethren for naught, and robbed the naked of their clothing; 7 To such as were weary, hast thou given no water to drink, and thou hast withdrawn bread from the hungry. 8 Should such one then as useth violence, wrong and oppression, doing all things of partiality, and having respect of persons, dwell in the land? 9 Thou hast sent widows away empty and oppressed the poor fatherless. 10 Therefore art thou compassed about with snares on every side, and suddenly vexed with fear. 11 Shouldest thou then see no darkness? Should not the water flood run over thee?
12 Now because that God is higher than the heavens, and because thou seest the stars are so high, 13 wilt thou therefore say, 'Tush, how should God know? Doth his dominion reach beyond the clouds? 14 Tush, the clouds cover him that he may not see, for he dwelleth in heaven.' 15 "Well, thou wilt keep the old way, that all wicked men have gone: 16 which were cut down out of time, and whose foundation was as a running water, 17 which said unto God, 'Go from us.' And what did the Almighty do with them? 18 He filled their houses with good things. But the council of the ungodly is far from me. 19 For with joy shall the godly, and with gladness shall the innocent, 20 see that their increase shall be hewn down, and their posterity consumed with fire.
21 "Therefore reconcile thee unto God, and be content, so shall all things prosper with thee right well. 22 Receive the law at his mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart. 23 For if thou wilt turn to the Almighty, thou shalt stand fast, and all unrighteousness shall be far from thy dwelling: 24 He shall give thee a harvest, which in plenty and abundance shall exceed the dust of the earth, and the gold of Ophir like river stones. 25 Yea, the Almighty his own self shall be thine harvest, and the heap of thy money. 26 Then shalt thou have thy delight in the Almighty, and lift up thy face unto God. 27 Then shalt thou make thy prayer unto him, and he shall hear thee, and thou shalt keep thy promises. 28 Then, look what thou takest in hand: he shall make it to prosper with thee, and the light shall shine in thy ways. 29 For who so humbleth himself, him shall he set up: and who so looketh meekly, shall be healed. 30 If thou be innocent, he shall save thee: and through the unguiltiness of thine hands shalt thou be delivered."