1 Wherefore were not times hidden from the Almighty,? and they knowing him saw not his days. 2 They will remove the bound; they will strip off the flock, and they will feed. 3 They will lead away the ass of the orphans, and they will take for pledge, the widow's ox. 4 They will turn the needy from the Way: the poor of the earth hid themselves together. 5 Behold, wild asses in the desert will go forth in their work, seeking for prey: the sterile region bread for him, and for the young. 6 In the field they will harvest his meslin, and they will glean the vintage of the unjust one. 7 They will cause the naked to lodge without clothing, and no covering in the cold. 8 They will be wet from the pouring rains of the mountains, and they embraced the rock from no shelter. 9 They will strip the orphan from the breast, and take a pledge for the poor. 10 They caused the naked to go without clothing, and from the hungry they took away the sheaf; 11 Between their walls they will press out oil; they trod their wine-presses, and they will thirst 12 From the city men will groan, and the soul of the wounded will cry out: and God will not set folly.
13 They were among the rebels of light; they knew not his ways, and they dwelt not in his beaten paths. 14 The murderer will rise by light; he will kill the poor and needy; and in the night he will be as a thief. 15 And the eye of the adulterer watched the twilight, saying, Eye shall not perceive me: and secretly he will set the face. 16 To break through houses in darkness in the day they shut up for themselves: they knew not light 17 For the morning altogether to them the shadow of death: if it shall be known, the terrors of the shadow of death.
18 He is swift upon the face of the waters; their portion will be cursed in the earth: he will not see the way of the vineyards. 19 Dryness, also heat, will strip the snow waters: hades him sinning. 20 The womb shall forget him; the worm sucked him; he shall be no more remembered: and iniquity shall be broken as a tree. 21 He did evil to the barren; she will not bear: andhewill not do good to the widow. 22 And he drew the mighty in his power: he will rise up and none shall be sure in living. 23 It will he given to him for confidence, and he will rest upon: and his eyes upon their ways. 24 They were lifted up a little while, and they are not, and they were brought low; as all they will be drawn together, and as the head of an ear of grain they shall be cut off.
25 And if not now, who will cause me to lie, and set my words for nought?