1 After this Job opened his mouth, and he will curse his day. 2 Job will answer and say,
3 The day shall perish I shall bring forth in it, and the night said, A male was conceived. 4 That day shall be darkness; God shall not search it out from above, and the light shall not shine upon it. 5 Darkness shall pollute it, and the shadow of death; a cloud shall dwell upon it; the obscurations of day shall terrify it 6 That night darkness shall take it; it shall not be joined upon the days of the year; it shall not come into the number of months. 7 Behold, that night shall be hard; no rejoicing shall be in it 8 They cursing the day shall curse it, they being ready to rouse up the sea monster. 9 The stars of its twilight shall he dark; it shall wait for light, and none; and it shall not look upon the eyelashes of the dawn., 10 Because it shut not up the doors of my belly; and shall it hide the labor of mine eyes?
11 Wherefore shall I not die from the womb? and I came forth from the belly, and I shall expire. 12 Why did the knees anticipate me? and wherefore the breasts that I shall suck? 13 For now I lay down and I shall rest; I slept: then there will be rest to me. 14 With kings and counselors of the earth building the wastes for themselves; 15 Or with chiefs, gold to them, filling their houses with silver: 16 Or as a hidden abortion I shall not be; as children they saw not light. 17 There the unjust ceased to be angry, and the weary in strength shall rest. 18 They being bound, rested together; they heard not the voice of the taskmaster. 19 The little and the great, he is there; and the servant being free from his lord.
20 Wherefore shall light be given to him toiling, and life to the bitter of soul? 21 Waiting for death, and it is not; and they will dig more than for hidden treasures; 22 Rejoicing with joy when they find the grave; 23 To a man whose way was hid, and God will hedge about him? 24 For my sighing will come before any bread, and my groanings shall be poured put as waters. 25 For I feared a fear, and it will come upon me, and what I was afraid of will come to me. 26 I was not secure, and I rested not, and I was not quiet; and trouble will come.