1 Darest thou draw out Leviathan with an angle, or bind his tongue with a snare? 2 Canst thou put a ring in the nose of him, or bore his jaw through with an awl? 3 Will he make many fair words with thee, thinkest thou, or flatter thee? 4 Will he make a covenant with thee? Or art thou able to compel him to do thee continual service? 5 Wilt thou take thy pastime with him as with a bird? Or give him unto thy maidens, 6 that thy companions may hew him in pieces, to be parted among the merchant men? 7 Canst thou fill the net with his skin, or the fish panner with his head? 8 Darest thou lay hand upon him? It is better for thee to consider what harm might happen thee therethrough, and not to touch him. 9 For when thou thinkest to have hold upon him, he shall beguile thee: Every man also that seeth him, shall go back. 10 And why? There dare none be so bold as to raise him up. Who is able to stand before me? 11 "Or, who hath given me anything afore hand, that I am bound to reward him again? All things under heaven are mine.
12 I will not keep secret his great strength, his power, nor his comely proportion. 13 Who lifteth him up, and stripeth him out of his clothes, or who taketh him by the bit of his bridle? 14 Who openeth the doors of his face? For he hath horrible teeth round about; 15 His body is covered with scales as it were with shields, locked in, kept, and well compact together. 16 One is so joined to another, that no air can come in: 17 Yea, one hangeth so upon another, and sticketh so together, that they cannot be sundered. 18 His sneezing is like a glistering fire, and his eyes like the morning shine. 19 Out of his mouth go torches and fire brands, 20 out of his nostrils there goeth smoke, like as out of a hot seething pot. 21 His breath maketh the coals burn, the flame goeth out of his mouth. 22 In his neck remaineth strength, and before his face sorrow is turned to gladness. 23 The members of his body are joined so strait one to another, and cleave so fast together, that he cannot be moved. 24 His heart is as hard as stone, and as fast as the stythie that the hammer man smiteth upon. 25 When he goeth, the mightiest of all are afraid, and the waves heave. 26 If any man draw out a sword at him, it shall not hurt him: there may neither spear, javelin, nor breast plate abide him. 27 He setteth as much by a straw as by iron, and as much by a rotten stock as by metal. 28 He starteth not away for him that bendeth the bow: and as for sling stones, he careth as much for stubble as for them. 29 He counteth the hammer no better than a straw, he laugheth him to scorn that shaketh the spear. 30 He treadeth the gold in the mire like the sharp potsherds. 31 He maketh the deep to seethe and boil like a pot, and stirreth the sea together like an ointment. 32 He maketh the path to be seen after him, and the deep is his walking place. 33 Upon earth is there no power like unto his, for he is so made that he feareth not. 34 If a man will consider all high things, this same is a king over all the children of pride."