1 These the nations which Jehovah left to try Israel by them, (all which knew not the wars of Canaan; 2 Only for the generations of the sons of Israel to know to teach them war, only who before knew not;) 3 Five princes of Philistines, and all the Canaanites, and the Sidonians, and the Hivite dwelling in mount Lebanon, from mount Baal-Hermon. 4 And they will be to try Israel by them to know whether they will hear the commands of Jehovah which he commanded their fathers by the hand of Moses. 5 And the sons of Israel dwelt in the midst of the Canaanites, the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites: 6 And they will take their daughters to them for wives, and their daughters they will give to their sons, and they will serve their gods.
7 And the sons of Israel will do evil in the eyes of Jehovah, and they will forget Jehovah their God, and they will serve the Baalims and the wooden pillars. 8 And the wrath of Jehovah will kindle against Israel, and he will sell them into the hand of Cushan-Rishathaim, king of Aram-Naharim: and the sons of Israel will serve Cushan-Rishathaim eight years.
9 And the sons of Israel will cry to Jehovah, and Jehovah will raise up a saviour to the sons of Israel, and he will save them, Othniel, son of Kenaz, Caleb's brother younger than he. 10 And the spirit of Jehovah will be upon him, and he will judge Israel, and he will go forth to war: and Jehovah will give into his hand Cushan-Rishathaim, king of Aram; and his hand will be strong upon Cushan-Rishathaim. 11 And the land will rest forty years: and Othniel, son of Kenaz, will die.
12 And the sons of Israel will add to do evil in the eyes of Jehovah: and Jehovah will strengthen Eglon, king of Moab, against Israel, because they did evil in the eyes of Jehovah. 13 And he will gather to him the sons of Ammon and Amalek, and he will go and smite Israel, and will inherit the city of palmtrees. 14 And the sons of Israel will serve Eglon, king of Moab, eighteen years.
15 And the sons of Israel will cry to Jehovah, and Jehovah will raise up to them a saviour, Ehud, son of Gera, son of a Benjamite, a man shut up of his right hand: and the sons of Israel will send a gift by his hand to Eglon, king of Moab.
16 And Ehud will make to him a sword, and to it two mouths; a cubit its length: and he will gird it from under his garments upon his right thigh. 17 And he will bring the gift to Eglon, king of Moab: and Eglon a very fat man. 18 And it will be as he finished to bring the gift, and he will send away the people lifting up the gift. 19 And he turned back from the carved images which were at Gilgal, and he will say, A hidden word to me for thee, O king: and he will say, Silence! And all standing by him will go forth from him. 20 And Ehud came to him; and he sat in an upper chamber of cooling, which was to him alone: and Ehud will say, A word of God to me for thee. And he will rise from off the throne. 21 And Ehud will stretch forth his left hand, and will take the sword from off his right thigh, and he will drive it into his belly: 22 And the handle will also go in after the flame, and the fat will shut upon the flame, for he drew not the sword out of his belly; and the dirt came out. 23 And Ehud will come forth to the portico, and he will shut the doors of the upper chamber upon him, and fasten.
24 And he went forth, and his servants came in, and saw, and behold, the doors of the upper chamber were fastened; and they will say, Surely he is covering his feet in the chamber of cooling. 25 And they will delay till being ashamed: and behold, he opened not the doors of the upper chamber; and they will take a key and will open: and behold, their lord fallen upon the earth, dead.
26 And Ehud was saved during their consternation; and he passed by the carved images and will be saved at the the gates. 27 And it will be in his coming out, and he will clang upon the trumpet in mount Ephraim, and the sons of Israel will go down with him from the mountain, and he before them. 28 And he will say to them, Follow after me, for Jehovah gave your enemies, Moab, into your hand. And they will go down after him and will take the passages of Jordan toward Moab, and they gave not a man to pass over. 29 And they will smite Moab in that time, about ten thousand men, every one fat and every man strong: and not a man was saved. 30 And Moab will be subdued in that day under the hand of Israel: and the land will rest eighty years.
31 And after him was Shamgar, son of Anath; and he will smite the Philistines, six hundred men with an ox-goad; and he also will deliver Israel