1 Woe unto them that imagine to do harm, and devise ungraciousness upon their beds, to perform it in the clear day: for their power is against God. 2 When they covet to have land, they take it by violence; they rob men of their houses. Thus they oppress a man for his house, and every man for his heritage.
3 Therefore thus sayeth the LORD: Behold, against this household have I devised a plague, whereout ye shall not pluck your necks. Ye shall no more go so proudly, for it will be a perilous time. 4 In that day shall this term be used, and a mourning shall be made over you on this manner, "We be utterly desolate, the portion of my people is translated. When will he part unto us the land, that he hath taken from us?" 5 Nevertheless there shall be no man to divide thee thy portion in the congregation of the LORD.
6 "Tush, hold your tongue," say they. "It shall not fall on this people, we shall not come so to confusion," 7 sayeth the house of Jacob. Is the spirit of the LORD so clean away? Or is he so minded? Truth it is, my words are friendly unto them that live right: 8 but my people doth the contrary, therefore must I take part against them. For they take away both coat and cloak from the simple. Ye have turned yourselves to fight; 9 the women of my people have ye shot out from their good houses, and taken away my excellent gifts from their children. 10 Up, get you hence, for here shall ye have no rest. Because of their Idolatry they are corrupt, and shall miserably perish. 11 If I were a fleshly fellow, and a preacher of lies, and told them that they might sit bibbing and bolling, and be drunken: O that were a Prophet for this people!
12 But I will gather thee indeed, O Jacob, and drive the remnant of Israel all together. I shall carry them one with another, as a flock in the fold, and as the cattle in their stalls, that they may be disquieted of other men. 13 Whoso breaketh the gap, he shall go before. They shall break up the port, and go in and out at it. Their king shall go before them, and the LORD shall be upon the head of them.