1 My son, if thou wilt receive my sayings, and, my commandments, wilt treasure up by thee; 2 So that thou direct, unto wisdom, thine ear, bend thy heart, unto understanding; 3 Yea if, for understanding, thou cry aloud, for knowledge, utter thy voice; 4 If thou seek her as silver, and, like hid treasure, thou search for her, 5 Then, shalt thou understand the reverence of Yahweh, and, the knowledge of God, shalt thou find. 6 For, Yahweh, giveth wisdom, out of his mouth, knowledge and understanding; 7 Yea he treasureth, for the upright, safety, A shield is he to them who walk in integrity, 8 To him that observeth the paths of justice, yea, the way of his men of lovingkindness, he doth guard. 9 Then, shalt thou understand righteousness and justice, and equity - every noble course. 10 When wisdom entereth thy heart, and, knowledge, to thy soul, is sweet, 11 Discretion, shall watch over thee, understanding, shall preserve thee: - 12 To rescue thee from the way of the wrongful, from the man that speaketh perverse things; 13 From them who forsake the paths of rectitude, to walk in this ways of darkness; 14 Who rejoice to do wrong, exult in the perversities of the wrongful; 15 Whose paths, are twisted, and they are tortuous in their tracks: 16 To rescue thee, from the woman that is a stranger, from the female unknown, who with her speeches seduceth; 17 Who forsaketh the friend of her youth, and, the covenant of her God, hath forgotten; 18 For she hath appointed, unto death, her house, and unto the shades, her courses; 19 None who go in unto her, come back, neither attain they unto the paths of life: 20 To the end that thou walk in the way of good men, and, the paths of the righteous, that thou observe. 21 For, the upright, shall abide on the earth, - and, the men of integrity, shall remain therein; 22 But, the lawless, out of the earth, shall he cut off, and, traitors, shall they tear away therefrom.