1 Steams of waters the heart of the king, in the hand of Jehovah: upon all which he shall delight in he will turn it
2 Every way of a man right in his eyes: and Jehovah will prepare hearts.
3 To do justice and judgment was chosen by Jehovah above gold.
4 Lifting up the eyes and enlarging the heart, the light of the unjust is sin.
5 The purposes of the active only to abundance; and every one hastening only to want
6 The making treasures by the tongue of falsehood is vanity scattered from those seeking death.
7 The violence of the unjust shall sweep them away, for they refuse to do judgment
8 The way of man is crooked and strange: and the pure his work is right
9 Good to dwell upon the corner of the roof rather than with a woman of strifes and a house of community.
10 The soul of the unjust one desired evil: his neighbor shall not be compassionated in his eyes.
11 In punishing him mocking, the simple shall become wise: and in instruction to the wise one he will take knowledge.
12 The just one being circumspect for the house of the unjust one: overthrowing the unjust for evil.
13 He stopping his ear from the cry of the poor one also himself shall call and shall not be answered.
14 Giving in secret will subdue anger: and a gift in the bosom, strong wrath.
15 Joy to the just one to do judgment: and destruction to those working iniquity.
16 A man wandering from the way of understanding shall rest in the convocation of the shades.
17 A man of poverty loving joy: he loving wine and oil shall not be rich.
18 The unjust one a ransom for the just one, and he transgressing, instead of the upright
19 Good to dwell in the land of the desert rather than with a woman of contentions and anger.
20 A treasure desired, and oil in the house of the wise one; and the foolish man will swallow it down.
21 He pursuing justice and mercy shall find life, justice and honor.
22 The wise one ascended the city of the strong, and he will bring down the strength of its confidence.
23 He watching his mouth and his tongue watches his soul from straits.
24 Proud, arrogant, mocking, is his name doing in the wrath of pride.
25 The desire of the slothful shall kill him, for his hands refused to work,
26 He longed a longing all the day: and the just one shall give and not keep back.
27 The sacrifice of the unjust is an abomination, for also he will bring it in mischief.
28 A witness of lies shall perish: and a man hearing, shall speak clearly.
29 An unjust man strengthened with his face: and the upright he will prepare his ways.
30 No wisdom and no understanding, and no counsel against Jehovah.
31 The horse is prepared for the day of war and salvation is to Jehovah.