1 Also these the proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah king of Judah transcribed.
2 The glory of God to conceal the word: and the glory of kings to search the word. 3 The heavens for height, and the earth for depth, and the heart of kings not searched out
4 Take ye away the dross from the silver, and a vessel shall come forth for the goldsmith. 5 Take ye away the unjust one from before the king, and his throne shall be prepared in justice.
6 Thou shalt not show thyself proud before the king, and thou shalt not stand in the place of the great. 7 For good to say to thee, Come up hither, rather than humbling thyself before the noble whom thine eye saw.
8 Thou shalt not go forth hastily to strive, lest what thou shalt do in its latter state in thy neighbor putting thee to shame. 9 Contend thy contention with thy neighbor; and thou shalt not reveal the secret of another: 10 Lest he hearing shall reproach thee, and thine infamy shall not turn away.
11 Apples of gold in images of silver is the word spoken upon its wheels. 12 An earring of gold and a necklace of gold, the wise one reproving upon the hearing ear.
13 As the cold of snow in the day of harvest a faithful messenger to those sending him: he shall restore the soul of his lord.
14 Clouds and wind and not rain, a man boasting in a gift of falsehood. 15 In slowness to anger shall the prince be persuaded, and the soft tongue shall break the bones. 16 Thou didst find honey; eat thy sufficiency, lest thou shalt be satiated, and thou vomit it forth. 17 Make rare thy foot from thy neighbor's house, lest he shall be satiated with thee, and hate thee.
18 A mallet and a sword and an arrow sharpened, the man answering against his neighbor testimony of falsehood. 19 A bad tooth and a wavering foot, the confidence of the faithless one in the day of straits
20 He removing a covering in the day of cold, and vinegar upon nitre, and he singing in songs to an evil heart.
21 If thine enemy hunger, give him bread to eat; and if he thirst, give him water to drink: 22 For thou tookest up coals of fire upon his head, and Jehovah will recompense to thee.
23 The north wind will set free the rain, and an angry face, a hidden tongue. 24 Good to dwell upon a corner of the roof rather than with a woman of strifes and a house of community. 25 Cold waters to the fainting soul, and a good message from a land far off. 26 A fountain trampled down, and a fountain corrupted, the just one turned aside before the unjust one. 27 To eat much honey is not good: and to seek out their honor, not honor. 28 A city being broken down, and not a wall, a man who restrains not to his spirit.