1 A Prayer of the afflicted when he is feeble, and before Jehovah poureth out his plaint. O Jehovah, hear my prayer, yea, my cry to Thee cometh. 2 Hide not Thou Thy face from me, In a day of mine adversity, Incline unto me Thine ear, In the day I call, haste, answer me.
3 For consumed in smoke have been my days, And my bones as a fire-brand have burned. 4 Smitten as the herb, and withered, is my heart, For I have forgotten to eat my bread. 5 From the voice of my sighing Hath my bone cleaved to my flesh. 6 I have been like to a pelican of the wilderness, I have been as an owl of the dry places. 7 I have watched, and I am As a bird alone on the roof. 8 All the day mine enemies reproached me, Those mad at me have sworn against me. 9 Because ashes as bread I have eaten, And my drink with weeping have mingled, 10 From Thine indignation and Thy wrath, For Thou hast lifted me up, And dost cast me down. 11 My days as a shadow are stretched out, And I -- as the herb I am withered.
12 And Thou, O Jehovah, to the age abidest, And Thy memorial to all generations. 13 Thou -- Thou risest -- Thou pitiest Zion, For the time to favour her, For the appointed time hath come. 14 For Thy servants have been pleased with her stones, And her dust they favour.
15 And nations fear the name of Jehovah, And all kings of the earth Thine honour, 16 For Jehovah hath builded Zion, He hath been seen in His honour, 17 He turned unto the prayer of the destitute, And He hath not despised their prayer.
18 This is written for a later generation, And the people created do praise Jah. 19 For He hath looked From the high place of His sanctuary. Jehovah from heaven unto earth looked attentively, 20 To hear the groan of the prisoner, To loose sons of death, 21 To declare in Zion the name of Jehovah, And His praise in Jerusalem, 22 In the peoples being gathered together, And the kingdoms -- to serve Jehovah.
23 He hath humbled in the way my power, He hath shortened my days. 24 I say, 'My God, take me not up in the midst of my days,' Through all generations are Thine years. 25 Beforetime the earth Thou didst found, And the work of Thy hands are the heavens. 26 They -- They perish, and Thou remainest, And all of them as a garment become old, As clothing Thou changest them, And they are changed. 27 And Thou art the same, and Thine years are not finished. 28 The sons of Thy servants do continue, And their seed before Thee is established!