1 Fixed, is my heart, O God, I will sing and touch the strings, even mine honour. 3 I will thank thee among the peoples, O Yahweh, and will sing praise unto thee, among the tribes of men. 4 For, great, above the heavens, is thy lovingkindness, and, as far as the skies, thy faithfulness. 5 Be thou exalted above the heavens, O God, And, above all the earth, be thy glory. 6 To the end thy beloved ones may be delivered, Oh save thou with thy right hand and answer me!
7 God, hath spoken in his holiness, I will exult! I will apportion Shechem! And, the Vale of Succoth, will I measure out; 8 Mine, is Gilead - mine, Manasseh, but, Ephraim, is the defence of my head, Judah, is my commander's staff; 9 Moab, is my wash-bowl, Upon Edom, will I throw my shoe, Over Philistia, raise a shout of triumph.
10 Who will conduct me to a fortified city? Who will lead me as far as Edom? 11 Hast not thou, O God, rejected us? and wilt not go forth, O God, with our hosts. 13 In God, shall we do valiantly, He himself, therefore, shall tread down our adversaries.