1 Praise ye Yah, Praise Yahweh, out of the heavens, Praise him, in the heights; 2 Praise him, all his messengers, Praise him, all his host; 3 Praise him, sun and moon, Praise him, all ye stars of light; 4 Praise him, O ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that are above the heavens; 5 Let them praise the Name of Yahweh, for, he, commanded, and they were created; 6 So caused he them to stand perpetually - age-abidingly, A decree, hath he given, and it passeth not beyond.
7 Praise Yahweh, out of the earth, sea monsters, and all resounding deeps; 8 Fire and hail, snow and vapour, stormy wind, fulfilling his word; 9 Ye mountains, and all hills, fruit trees, and all cedars; 10 Thou wild-beast, and all ye cattle, crawling creature, and bird of wing; 11 Kings of earth, and all peoples, Rulers, and all judges of earth; 12 Young men, yea even virgins, elders, and children. 13 Let them praise the Name of Yahweh, for lofty is his Name alone, His splendour is over earth and heavens. 14 Therefore hath he exalted a horn for his people, a praise for all his men of lovingkindness, for the sons of Israel - a people near him, Praise ye Yah!