1 Chanting of David to bring to remembrance. 2 O Jehovah, thou wilt not reprove me in thy wrath, and thou wilt not correct me in thine anger.
3 For thine arrows came down upon me, and thy hand will press down upon me. 4 No soundness in my flesh from thy wrath; no peace in my bones from the face of my sins. 5 For mine iniquities passed over my head: as a heavy lifting up they will be loaded above me. 6 My stripes became loathsome: they flowed from the face of my folly. 7 I was moved, I was even greatly bowed down: all the day I went darkened. 8 For my loins were filled with inflammation, and no soundness in my flesh.
9 I was languid and crushed even greatly: I roared from the groaning of my heart 10 O Jehovah, before thee all my desire, and my sighing was not hid from thee. 11 My heart moved about rapidly, my strength forsook me, and the light of mine eyes also they not with me. 12 My friends and my neighbors will stand from before my stroke, and my kindred stood from far off.
13 And they seeking my soul will lay snares: and they seeking my evil spake mischief, and they will meditate deceits all the day, 14 And I, as deaf, shall not hear; and as dumb, he will not open his mouth. 15 And I as a man that heard not, and not in his mouth confutations 16 For, for thee, O Jehovah, I waited: thou wilt answer, O Jehovah my God. 17 For I said, Lest they shall rejoice over me: in the wavering of my foot they magnified against me. 18 For I being prepared for halting, and my pain always before me. 19 For I will announce mine iniquity: I shall be afraid for my sin. 20 And mine enemies living, they were strong: and they hating me with falsehood were multiplied.
21 And they requiting evil for good will be mine adversaries, for my pursuing Thou Thou wilt not forsake me, O Jehovah: my God, thou wilt not remove far off from me. 22 Hasten for my help, O Jehovah, my salvation.