1 O Yahweh my God, in thee, have I sought refuge, - Save me from all my pursuers, and deliver me: 2 Lest one tear, as a lion, my soul, - and there be no deliverer to rescue.
3 O Yahweh my God, If I have done this, If there hath been perversity in my hands: 4 If I have requited my friend with wrong, - or have oppressed mine adversary without need, 5 Let an enemy pursue my soul, and overtake it, that he may tread down, to the earth, my life, - and, mine honour - in the dust, he may cause to dwell. Selah.
6 Rise! Yahweh! in thine anger, Lift thyself up, because of the haughty outbursts of mine adversaries, Stir up for me the justice thou hast commanded: 7 When, the assembly of peoples, gather round thee, then, above it - on high, do thou return! 8 Yahweh, will judge the peoples, - Do me justice, O Yahweh, according to my righteousness, and according to mine integrity upon me,
9 Let the wrong of the lawless, I pray thee, come to an end, and establish thou him that is righteous, - for, a trier of hearts and reins, is God the righteous one. 10 My shield, is held by God, who is ready to save the upright in heart: 11 A God to vindicate the righteous, - and yet a Got to be indignant throughout every day.
12 If he turn not, his sword, will he whet, - his bow, hath he bent, and made ready: 13 But, for himself, hath he made ready the weapons so deadly, His arrows, he, so fiery, would make:
14 Lo! he gendereth trouble, and conceiveth mischief, but giveth birth to a disappointment: 15 A pit, he cut out, and digged it, and then fell into the ditch he had made: 16 His mischief, turneth back, on his own head, - and, on his own crown, his violence, descendeth.
17 I will praise Yahweh according to his righteousness, - and will praise in song the Name of Yahweh Most High.