1 We have given thanks unto thee, O God, we have given thanks, And, in calling upon thy Name, men have recounted thy wonders.
2 Surely I will take a set time, - I, with equity, will judge: 3 Earth was melting away with all its inhabitants, I, have fixed the pillars thereof. Selah. 4 I have said to the boasters, Do not boast, And to the lawless, Do not lift up a horn; 5 Do not lift up on high your horn, Nor speak of the Rock, with arrogance;
6 For neither from east nor west, Nor from the wilderness of thee mountains cometh exaltation ; 7 For, God himself, is about to judge, One, he will cast down, Another, he will lift up; 8 For, a cup, is in the hand of Yahweh, Whose wine is foaming, It is full of spiced wine, Which he hath caused to flow from one to another, - Surely, the dregs thereof, they shall drain out - they shall drink, Even all the lawless ones of the earth.
9 But, I, will exult unto times age-abiding, I will sing praises unto the God of Jacob;
10 But, all the horns of the lawless, will I hew off, - Exalted shall be the horns of the Righteous One.