1 O Shepherd of Israel, give ear, Thou who leddest forth Joseph like a rock, Thou who art throned on the cherubim, appear! 2 Before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh, stir up thy strength, And come! to our salvation. 3 O God, bring us back, And light up thy face, That we may be saved.
4 O Yahweh, God of hosts! How long hast thou been wroth with the prayer of thy people? 5 Thou hast fed them with the food of tears, And hast caused them to drink the water of weeping in threefold abundance. 6 Thou dost make us an object of contention to our neighbours, And, our foes, find mockery for themselves. 7 O God of hosts, bring us back, And light up thy face, That we may be saved.
8 A vine out of Egypt, thou didst remove, Thou didst cast out nations, and plant it; 9 Thou didst make a clear space before it, So it rooted well its roots, and filled up the land; 10 Covered were the mountains with its shade, And, with its boughs, the mighty cedars. 11 It thrust forth its branches as far as the sea, - And, unto the River, its shoots.
12 Wherefore hast thou broken down its fences, So that all who pass along the way, pluck its fruit? 13 The boar out of the forest, browseth upon it, And, the wild beast of the field, pastureth thereon. 14 O God of hosts, return, we pray thee, - Look down out of the heavens, and see, And inspect this vine: 15 Yea the stock which thy right hand planted, Even upon the son thou didst secure for thyself. 16 To be burned with fire, it is cut down, - At the rebuke of thy countenance, they will perish. 17 Let thy hand be, Upon the Man of thy right hand, Upon the Son of Man thou didst secure for thyself; 18 So will we not draw back from thee, Thou wilt bring us to life, And, on thy Name, will we call. 19 O Yahweh, God of hosts! bring us back, Light up thy face, That we may be saved.