Proverbs 22:22-Proverbs 23:11 - Living With Your Neighbor

22 Thou shalt not strip the poor because he is poor: and thou shalt not crush the humble in the gate. 23 For Jehovah will contend their contention, and rob the soul to those robbing them.

24 Thou shalt not be companion of the possessor of anger, and with the man of wrath thou shalt not go: 25 Lest thou shalt learn his ways and take a snare to thy soul.

26 Thou shalt not be with those striking the hand with those pledging for debts. 27 If not to thee to requite, why shall he take thy bed from under thee?

28 Thou shalt not remove the old bound which thy fathers made.

29 Sawest thou a man apt in his works? Before kings shall he stand; he shall not stand before the dark ones

1 If thou shalt sit to eat with a ruler, understanding, thou shalt understand what is before thee. 2 And put a knife to thy swallow if thou the possessor of a soul. 3 Thou shalt not long for his dainties: and it is the bread of lies.

4 Thou shalt not labor to become rich: cease from thy wisdom. 5 Wilt thou cause thine eyes to fly upon it and it is not? for making, it will make to it wings; as an eagle and it flew to the heavens.

6 Thou shalt not eat the bread of an evil eye, and ye shall not long for its dainties: 7 Like him estimating evil in his soul, so is he: Eat and drink, he will say to thee; and his heart not with thee. 8 Thy morsel which thou didst eat thou shalt vomit forth and destroy thy pleasant words.

9 In the ears of the foolish thou shalt not speak, for he will despise for the understanding of thy words.

10 Thou shalt not remove the old bound; and into the field of the orphans thou shalt not come: 11 For he redeeming them, he is strong; he will contend their contention with thee.