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Washing was required by the law for purification of uncleanness of any kind, as leprosy, etc. (Leviticus 15; Le 16:28; 22:6; 19/7/type/mstc'>Nu 19:7,19; 2Sa 11:2,4; 2Ki 5:10); mourning (Ru 3:3; 2Sa 12:20). The high priest on the day of atonement, before each act of expiation (Le 16:4,24); also at his own consecration (Le 8:6). Anointing with perfumes was joined to the washing (Es 2:12). The laver at the door of the tabernacle was for the priests to wash in before entering (Ex 30:18-20). The legal ritual prescribed washing, not bathing; also sprinkling. Baptism by immersion is not confirmed by legal types.

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