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2Ch 2:7-14; 3:14. See PURPLE.

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The word t

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Three Hebrew words are so translated.

1. karmil, a colour prepared from an insect which inhabits a species of oak: it is crimson or deep scarlet. 2Ch 2:7,14; 3:14.

2. shani, the word commonly translated 'scarlet.' Jer 4:30.

3. tola, name of a worm, thought to be a dye of a bluish tint. This word occurs in the memorable passage in Isaiah's prophecy, that though Israel's sins should be red like crimson, they should be as wool. Isa 1:18. The same word is translated scarlet in La 4:5.

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CRIMSON, ?????, 2Ch 2:7; 3:14, the name of a colour. Bochart supposes it to be the cochlea purpuraria, or purple from a kind of shell-fish taken near Mount Carmel. But as the name of the mount is said to mean a vineyard, one may rather suppose the colour to signify that of grapes; like the redness of the vesture of him who trod the wine-press, Isa 63:1-2. What our version renders crimson, Isa 1:18; Jer 4:30, should be scarlet.

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