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Exodus 35:10

"And let all [the] skilled of heart among you come and make all that Yahweh has commanded:

1 Chronicles 22:15-16

And with you [there is] an abundance of craftsmen: stonecutters, masons, carpenters, and everyone skilled in every [kind of] craftsmanship with gold, silver, bronze, and iron without number. Arise and work! Yahweh will be with you!"

1 Chronicles 28:21

And behold, the working groups of the priests and the Levites for all the service of the house of God; and with you in all the work for all [those] willing with the skill for every service, and the commanders and all the people for all your commands."

2 Chronicles 2:7

So then, send to me skilled men to work with gold, silver, bronze, and iron, and with purple, crimson, and blue fabric, knowledgeable in engraving, with the skilled men who [are] with me in Judah and in Jerusalem, whom David my father has established.

Judges 17:4

When he returned the pieces of silver to his mother, his mother took two hundred pieces of silver, and she gave it to the smith, and he made it [into] an idol of cast metal; and it was in the house of Micah.

Acts 19:24

For someone {named} Demetrius, a silversmith who made silver replicas of the temple of Artemis, was bringing no little business to the craftsmen.

1 Kings 7:14-15

He [was] the son of a widow woman from the tribe of Naphtali, and his father [was] a man of Tyre, an artisan of bronze. He was filled with wisdom and with ability and with the knowledge to do all the work with the bronze. And he came to King Solomon, and he did all of his work. He cast the two pillars [out of] bronze; eighteen cubits [was] the height of the first, and a cord of twelve cubits would encircle the second pillar.

2 Chronicles 4:12-16

the two columns, the bowls, and the two capitals on top of the columns, and the two latticeworks to cover the two bowls of the capitals that [were] on top of the columns, and the four hundred pomegranates for the two latticeworks, two rows of pomegranates for the latticework, to cover the two bowls of the capitals that [were] before the columns. And he made the water carts, and he made the basins on the water carts,read more.
and the one sea and the twelve oxen underneath it. And Huram-abi made for King Solomon the pots, the shovels, the three-pronged meat forks, and all the utensils of polished bronze for the house of Yahweh.

2 Chronicles 3:5-7

And the great house [itself] he covered with cypress wood, then he overlaid it with pure gold. And he put on it palm tree [images] and [ornate] chains. Then he overlaid the house with precious stone as decoration. (Now the gold [was] the gold of Parvaim.) And he overlaid the house with gold--the beams, the thresholds, the walls, and the doors. And he carved cherubim upon the walls.

Isaiah 46:6

Those who lavish gold from [the] purse and weigh out silver in the balance scales; hire {a goldsmith} and he makes him a god; they bow down, indeed they bow in worship.

1 Chronicles 22:2

And David commanded to assemble the resident aliens who [were] in the land of Israel and appointed stone craftsmen to cut dressed stones to build the house of God.

1 Kings 5:15-18

Solomon had seventy thousand {common laborers} and eighty thousand stone craftsmen in the hill country. Besides the chiefs of the officers Solomon had, there were three thousand three hundred having charge over the people who were doing the work. When the king commanded, they quarried great stones [and] precious stones to lay [the] foundation of the house [with] hewn stones.read more.
So Solomon's builders and Hiram's builders and the Gebalites hewed [stones], and they prepared the timber and the stone to build the house.

2 Chronicles 2:2

And Solomon assigned seventy thousand men {to bear burdens} and eighty thousand {quarriers} in the hill country, and three thousand six hundred [men] to supervise them.

1 Kings 6:36

Then he built the inner courtyard [with] three rows of dressed stone and a row of cedar beams.

1 Kings 7:9-12

All of these [were] of precious stones, according to the measurement of dressed stone, sawn with a saw {on all sides}; from [the] foundation up to the eaves and from [the] outside up to the great courtyard. [The] foundation [was of] precious stones, [and] large stones of ten cubits and stones of eight cubits with precious stones above, {just the right size}, and cedar.read more.
The great courtyard all around had three rows of dressed stones and a row of cedar beams; for [both] the courtyard of the inner house of Yahweh and for the porch of the house.

1 Kings 5:6

So then, command that they may cut cedars for me from Lebanon, and let my servants be with your servants. The wage of your servants I will give to you according to all that you say, for you know that there is no one among us who knows [how] to cut timber like the Sidonians."

2 Chronicles 2:8-9

Send me trees of cedar, cypress, and algum from Lebanon, for I myself know that your servants [are] knowledgeable in cutting the trees of Lebanon. Now see, my servants [will be] with your servants to prepare trees in abundance for me, for the house that I am building [will be] great and wonderful.

1 Kings 6:14-36

So Solomon built the temple and finished it. He lined the walls {of the inside of the house} with boards of cedar; from the floor of the temple up to the rafters of the ceiling he covered [them with] wood {on the inside}. He also covered the floor of the temple with cypress boards. He built twenty cubits from the rear of the house with boards of cedar from the floor up to the ceiling, and he built for it an inner sanctuary on the inside, as the {most holy place}.read more.
The main hall of the temple was forty cubits {in front of the inner sanctuary}, with the cedar within the inner house [having] carvings of gourds and buds of flowers. It [was] entirely of cedar; there was not a stone visible. Now [in] the inner sanctuary in the middle of the temple he prepared the inside to place the ark of the covenant of Yahweh there. In front, the inner sanctuary [was] twenty cubits long and twenty cubits wide and twenty cubits high, and he overlaid it [with] pure gold and covered the altar [with] cedar. Solomon overlaid the temple on the inside [with] pure gold, and he drew across it with golden chains in front of the inner sanctuary, which he overlaid with gold. All of the temple he overlaid with gold until all of the temple [was] finished; all of the altar which belonged to the inner sanctuary he overlaid with gold. He made two cherubim of olive wood for the inner sanctuary, ten cubits high. Five cubits [was] the first wing of the cherub, and five cubits the second wing of the cherub, from the tip of his [one] wing up to the tip of his [other] wing. The second cherub [was] ten cubits [according to] {the same} measurement, and [there] was one shape for the two cherubim. The height of the first cherub [was] ten cubits and so [was] the second cherub. He placed the cherubim in the middle of the inner house, and they spread out the wings of the cherubim; the wing of the first cherub touched against the wall and the wing of the second cherub [was] touching against the second wall; their wings [spread] to the middle of the house [and were] touching wing to wing. He also overlaid the cherubim with gold. On all of the walls around the house, he carved engravings of cherubim and palm tree images and budding flowers both inside and out. He overlaid the floor of the house with gold both inside and out. He made doors of olive wood for the doorway of the inner sanctuary, [as well as for] the doorpost of the fifth doorframe. [On] the two doors of olive wood he made carvings of cherubim and palm tree images and budding flowers, and he overlaid them with gold {by beating} out the gold on the cherubim and the palm tree images. Thus he made doorframes of olive wood on four sides for the doorway of the main hall and two doors of cypress wood; one door [with] two folding panels and the second door [with] two folding panels. He carved cherubim and palm tree images and budding flowers and overlaid them with gold evenly applied on the carved work. Then he built the inner courtyard [with] three rows of dressed stone and a row of cedar beams.

Exodus 38:23

And with him [was] Oholiab the son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan, a skilled craftsman and a designer and an embroiderer with the blue and with the purple and with the crimson [yarns] and with the linen.

Exodus 26:1

"And the tabernacle you will make [with] ten curtains; you will make them of finely twisted linen and blue and purple and crimson [yarns], [with] cherubim, the work of a skilled craftsman.

Exodus 28:39

"And you will weave the tunic of fine linen, and you will make a turban of fine linen, and you will make a sash, the work of an embroiderer.

Exodus 29:5

And you will take the garments and clothe Aaron with the tunic and the robe of the ephod, and you will fasten to him the ephod and the breast piece with the waistband of the ephod.

Exodus 39:1-5

And from the blue and the purple and the crimson [yarns] they made woven garments for serving in the sanctuary, and they made the holy garments that were for Aaron, as Yahweh had commanded Moses. And he made the ephod [of] gold, blue, and purple and crimson [yarns], and finely twisted linen. And he hammered out the leaves of gold, and he cut off cords to weave in the midst of the blue and in the midst of the purple and in the midst of the crimson and in the midst of the linen--[the] work of a skilled craftsman.read more.
They made joined shoulder pieces for it; it was joined on its two edges. And the waistband of his ephod, which {was of one piece with it}, [was of] like work, gold, blue, and purple and crimson [yarns], and finely twisted linen, as Yahweh had commanded Moses.

Exodus 35:25

And every woman [who was] skilled of heart with her hands they spun, and they brought yarn--the blue and the purple, the crimson and the fine linen.

1 Chronicles 15:22

And Kenaniah, chief of the Levites in singing, [was to be] an instructor in singing because he understood.

2 Chronicles 34:12-13

And the men did the work faithfully. Over them as supervisors [were] appointed Jahath and Obadiah, the Levites from the Merarites, and Zechariah and Meshullam from the Kohathites. And [other] Levites, all who were skilled in instruments of song, [were] over the porters and were directing all who worked {on each task}. And some of the Levites [were] scribes, officials, and gatekeepers.

Genesis 25:27

And the boys grew up. And Esau [was] a skilled hunter, a man of the field, but Jacob [was] a peaceful man, living [in] tents.

1 Kings 9:27

Hiram sent his servants with the fleet of ships, {sailors} who knew the sea, with the servants of Solomon.

Ezekiel 27:8

The inhabitants of Sidon and Arvan were your rowers; your {skilled men}, O Tyre, were {from your own people}, [and] they [were] your seamen.

Job 32:22

for I do not know [how] {to flatter}, [else] my Maker would {soon} put an end to me.

Psalm 45:1

My heart is moved [with] a good word; I recite my {compositions} to [the] king. My tongue [is the] pen [of] a skilled scribe.

Psalm 58:5

so that it does not hear [the] voice of charmers [or the] skilled caster of spells.

Isaiah 3:3

captain of fifty and the honorable men of rank, and counselor and skillful magicians and skillful enchanter.

Psalm 78:72

And he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and led them by the skillfulness of his hands.

Jeremiah 2:33

How well you do [on] your way to seek love! {Therefore} even [to] the wicked [woman] you can teach your ways.

Jeremiah 9:17

Thus says Yahweh of hosts: "Consider closely, and call for the wailing women, so that they come, and for the skillful women, so that they come.

Jeremiah 50:9

For look, I [am] going to stir up, and I [am] going to bring against Babylon a contingent of great nations from [the] land of [the] north. And they will draw up a battle formation against her, from there she will be captured. Their arrows [are] like a warrior [who has] achieved success, he does not return without success.

Ezekiel 28:5

By the abundance of your wisdom in your trading you [have] increased your wealth and your heart was proud in your wealth." '"

Isaiah 44:13

[The] {woodworker} stretches out a line; he makes an outline [of] it with marker. He makes it with knife and makes an outline [of] it with compass. He makes it like [the] image of a man, like [the] beauty of a human, to dwell [in] a temple.

Isaiah 40:19-20

A craftsman pours out the idol, and a {goldsmith} overlays it with gold, and [he] smelts chains of silver. The one who is [too] impoverished [for] a gift chooses wood [that] will not rot; he seeks a skillful artisan for himself to set up an image [that] will not be knocked over.

Isaiah 41:7

And [the] artisan encourages [the] {goldsmith}, [the] one who makes smooth with [the] hammer [encourages the] one who strikes [the] anvil, saying of the soldering, "It [is] good!" And they strengthen it with nails [so] it cannot be knocked over.

Jeremiah 10:9

Silver beaten from Tarshish is brought, and gold from Uphaz, the work of [the] craftsman and [the] hands of the goldsmith. Blue and purple [are] their clothing, all of them [are] the work of skillful people.

Hosea 13:2

And now they sin again, and they make for themselves a molten idol, idols from their silver metal according to their understanding, all of them the work of skilled craftsmen. To these they say, "Sacrifice!" People are kissing bull calves.

Acts 17:29

Therefore, [because we] are offspring of God, we ought not to think the divine being is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by human skill and thought.

Jeremiah 4:22

"For my people [are] foolish, they have not known me. They [are] foolish children, and they do not have insight. They [are] skillful at doing evil, and they do not know [how] to do good."

Isaiah 25:11

And it will spread out its hands in the midst of it, just as the swimmer spreads out to swim, and its pride will be brought low with the movement of its hands.

Ezekiel 21:31

And I will pour out my anger on you; I will blow on you with the fire of my wrath, and I will give you into [the] hand of brutal men, skilled craftsmen of destruction.

Micah 7:3

Their hands [are] upon evil, to do [it] well; the official and the judge ask for the bribe, and the great [man] utters the evil desire of his soul; and they weave [it] together.

1 Chronicles 5:18

The Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh [had] {valiant} men [who] carried a shield and a sword, and archers, and [who were] expert in war, forty-four thousand seven hundred and sixty [for] going out [as] an army.

2 Chronicles 2:13-14

So now I have sent a skilled man, knowledgeable [and with] understanding: my master Huram, a son of a woman from the daughters of Dan, and his father [was] a man of Tyre, knowledgeable for working with gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone, and wood, and with purple, blue, and crimson fabric, and with fine linen, for engraving any engraving and devising any plan that is given to him, with your skilled men and the skilled men of my lord David your father.

Genesis 14:14

When Abram heard that his {relative} was taken captive, he summoned his trained men, born in his house, three hundred and eighteen [of them], and he went in pursuit up to Dan.

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