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Reference: Discipline


The word occurs only in Job 36:10, but the Hebrew word, musar, is found elsewhere, and is often translated 'instruction,' and at times 'chastening' and 'correction.' In Job it is God opening men's ears for instruction or discipline. In the N.T. the word ??????? is translated both 'to instruct' and 'to chasten,' showing that it is God's care over His saints for blessing. See CHASTENING. There is also discipline in the church. If one be overtaken in a fault the spiritual are called upon to restore such a one. Ga 6:1. If there is sin, it may call for a REBUKE before all. 1Ti 5:20. Some may need reproof, 2Ti 4:2; and in other cases, as a last resort, discipline may call for 'putting away.' See EXCOMMUNICATION. The end and purpose of all discipline is to restore the soul to communion with God and with His saints. Discipline should always be exercised in the 'spirit of meekness,' each one considering himself lest he also be tempted. Ga 6:1.

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