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1. Eve is little more, in Genesis, than a personification of human life which is perpetuated by woman. See Adam. 2. In the NT Eve is mentioned in 2Co 11:3; 1Ti 2:13-15. The former is a reference to her deception by the serpent. The latter teaches that since 'Adam was first formed, then Eve,' women must live in quiet subordination to their husbands. And a second reason seems to be added, i.e. that Adam was 'not deceived,' in the fundamental manner that Eve was, for 'the woman being completely deceived has come into [a state of] transgression.' Here St. Paul distinctly takes Eve to be a personification of all women. The personification continues in 1Ti 2:15, which is obscure, and must be studied in the commentaries.

A. H. M'Neile.

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