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1. A seer in the time of Asa, 955-914 B. C. imprisoned for his fidelity. He was also the father of the prophet Jehu, 1Ki 16:1-7; 2Ch 16:7-10; 19:2; 20:34.

2. A brother of Nehemiah, who brought to Babylon an account of the wretched state of the Jews then at Jerusalem, and afterwards had charge of the gates of the city, Ne 1:1-3; 7:2-3, B. C. 455.

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God has gratified me, or is gracious. (1.) One of the sons of Heman (1Ch 25:4,25). (2.) A prophet who was sent to rebuke king Asa for entering into a league with Benhadad I., king of Syria, against Judah (2Ch 16:1-10). He was probably the father of the prophet Jehu (1Ki 16:7). (3.) Probably a brother of Nehemiah (Ne 1:2; 7:2), who reported to him the melancholy condition of Jerusalem. Nehemiah afterwards appointed him to have charge of the city gates.

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1. 25/4/type/ylt'>1Ch 25:4,25.

2. The seer who rebuked Asa king of Judah, 941 B.C., for buying the alliance of Benhadad I. of Syria, to help him against Baasha of Israel, instead of "relying on the Lord his God," "whose eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him" (Jer 17:5). (See ASA.) So Asa lost the victory over Syria itself which faith would have secured to him. Hanani was imprisoned for his faithfulness (2Ch 16:1-4,7-10; compare Jer 20:2; Mt 14:3). But Asa only thereby sealed his own punishment; by compromising principle to escape war he brought on himself perpetual wars (1Ki 15:32). Jehu his son was equally faithful in reproving Baasha and Asa's son Jehoshaphat (1Ki 16:1,7; 2Ch 19:2; 20:34).

3. Ezr 10:19-20.

4. Nehemiah's brother, who returned from Jerusalem to Susa and informed him as to Jerusalem, 446 B.C.; afterward made governor of Jerusalem under Nehemiah (Ne 1:2; 7:2).

5. Ne 12:31,36.

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1. A brother, or more prob. near kinsman, of Neh., who brought tidings to Susa of the distressed condition of the Jews in Pal. (Ne 1:2). Under Neh. he was made one of the governors of Jerus. (Ne 7:2). 2. A son of Heman (1Ch 25:4). 3. The father of Jehu the seer (1Ki 16:1). Hanani reproved Asa for entering into alliance with Syria, and the angry king cast him into prison (2Ch 16:7). 4. A priest of the sons of Immer who had married a foreign wife (Ezr 10:20); called Ananias in 1Es 9:21. 5. A chief musician mentioned in connexion with the dedication of the walls of Jerus. (Ne 12:36).

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1. Son of Heman: appointed to the service of song. 25/4/type/ylt'>1Ch 25:4,25.

2. Seer who rebuked Asa for relying on the king of Syria instead of upon the Lord God. 2Ch 16:7.

3. Father of Jehu the seer who testified against Baasha and Jehoshaphat. 1Ki 16:1,7; 2Ch 19:2; 20:34.

4. Priest who had married a strange wife. Ezr 10:20.

5. Brother of Nehemiah, and governor of Jerusalem under him. Ne 1:2; 7:2.

6. Priest who assisted at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. Ne 12:36.

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1. One of the sons of Heman, and head of the eighteenth course of the service.

1Ch 25:4,25

2. A seer who rebuked (B.C. 941) Asa king of Judah.

2Ch 16:7

For this he was imprisoned. ver. 10 He or another Hanani was the father of Jehu the seer, who testified against Baasha,

1Ki 16:1,7

and Jehoshaphat.

2Ch 19:2; 20:34

3. One of the priests who in the time of Ezra had taken strange wives.

Ezr 10:20

4. A brother of Nehemiah,

Ne 1:2

who was made governor of Jerusalem under Nehemiah. Ch.

Ne 7:2

5. A priest mentioned in

Ne 12:36

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