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Jehovah-justified, the son of the high priest Seraiah at the time of the Babylonian exile (1Ch 6:14-15). He was carried into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, and probably died in Babylon. He was the father of Jeshua, or Joshua, who returned with Zerubbabel.

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Led captive to Babylon after Seraiah his father's execution at Riblab (1Ch 6:14-15; 2Ki 25:18,21). Father of Jeshua the high priest, who with Zerubbabel led the returning Jews from Babylon (Ezr 3:2; Ne 12:26). Zedekiah("righteous is Jehovah"); Jehozadak ("Jehovah is righteous".) It is suggestive that the names of the last king and of the representative of the high priesthood in the captivity both express that the suspension of the throne and of the priesthood was Jehovah's righteous judgment for Judah's sins; moreover Joshua or Jeshua, who restored the temple altar, expresses salvation; as the former Joshua led the hitherto homeless Israelites into Canaan their inheritance; and as Jesus, the Antitype, saves us from our sins and leads us into the heavenly rest. (See JOSHUA; JESHUA.)

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Father of Joshua the high priest (1Ch 6:14-15; Hag 1:1,12,4'>14; 2:2,4; Zec 6:11). The name is shortened to Jozadak in Ezr 3:2,8; 5:2; 10:18; Ne 12:26. It appears as Josedek in 1Es 5:5; 1Es 5:48; 1Es 5:56; 1Es 6:2; 1Es 9:19, Sir 49:12.

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Son of Seraiah: a priest carried into captivity. 1Ch 6:14-15. See JOSEDECH.

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(Jehovah justifies), usually called Jozadak or Josedech. He was the son of the high priest Seraiah.

1Ch 6:14-15

When his father was slain at Riblah by order of Nebuchadnezzar,

2Ki 25:18,21

Jehozadak was led away captive to Babylon.

1Ch 6:15

(B.C. 588.) He himself never attained the high priesthood, but he was the father of Jeshua the high priest, and of all his successors till the pontificate of Alcimus.

Ezr 3:2; Ne 12:26

, etc.

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