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of a tree. The olive-leaf mentioned Ge 8:11. The barren fig-tree had nothing but leaves (Mt 21:19; Mr 11:13). The oak-leaf is mentioned Isa 1:30; 6:13. There are numerous allusions to leaves, their flourishing, their decay, and their restoration (Le 26:36; Isa 34:4; Jer 8:13; Da 4:12,14,21; Mr 11:13; 13:28). The fresh leaf is a symbol of prosperity (Ps 1:3; Jer 17:8; Eze 47:12); the faded, of decay (Job 13:25; Isa 1:30; 64:6; Jer 8:13).

Leaf of a door (1Ki 6:34), the valve of a folding door.

Leaf of a book (Jer 36:23), perhaps a fold of a roll.

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