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Mother of Eunice, Timothy's mother (2Ti 1:5). The Greek names mark Greek origin, though she was a Jewess in religion and the father a Greek, i.e. pagan; Lystra was her home. The family pedigree of "indwelling faith" began first with Lois, the farthest back of Timothy's progenitors whom Paul knew. She and Eunice were probably converted at Paul's first visit to Lystra (Ac 14:6-7). The belief of the mother and grandmother alone is implied in 2 Timothy 1, in undesigned harmony with Acts 16, not of the father; a mark of genuineness. One godly parent may counteract the bad influence of the ungodly, and win the child to Christ (1Co 7:14; 2Ti 3:15).

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The grandmother of Timothy (2Ti 1:5), and probably the mother of Eunice, Timothy's mother. The name is Greek. The family lived at Lystra (Ac 16:1), where St. Paul first made their acquaintance. Lois was a devout Jewess by conviction, who instructed her family diligently in the Holy Scriptures.

Morley Stevenson.

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(agreeable), the grandmother of Timothy, and doubtless the mother of his mother, Eunice.

2Ti 1:5

It seems likely that Lois had resided long at Lystra; and almost certain that from her, as well as from Eunice, Timothy obtained his intimate knowledge of the Jewish Scriptures.

2Ti 3:15

(A.D. before 64.)

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