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Reference: Roe, Roebuck


E. W. G. Masterman.


The word tsebi is supposed to refer to some species of the gazelle. In the Levitical economy it was ranked with the clean animals. De 12:15,22. The gazelle is graceful and elegant: three times in the Canticles the bride compares the bridegroom to a roe; and the bridegroom compares the breasts of the bride to two young roes. Cant. 2:7, 9, 17; Cant. 3:5; Cant. 4:5; Cant. 7:3; Cant. 8:14. The Gazella dorcas and Gazella Arabica are found in Syria. The Arabs hunt them by a falcon and a greyhound. Repeated attacks upon the head of the gazelle by the bird bewilder it, so that it becomes a prey to the hound, which is trained for the purpose. Others are caught in pits, to which they are driven by the hunters.

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Roe, Roebuck.

The Hebrew words thus translated denote some species of antelope, probably the Gazella arabica of Syria and Arabia. The gazelle was allowed as food,

De 12:15,22

etc.; it is mentioned as very fleet of foot,

2Sa 2:18; 1Ch 12:8

it was hunted,

Isa 13:14; Pr 6:5

it was celebrated for its loveliness.

Song 2:9,17; 8:14

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