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of the Hebrew was pointed, sometimes two-edged, was worn in a sheath, and suspended from the girdle (Ex 32:27; 1Sa 31:4; 1Ch 21:27; Ps 149:1; Pr 5:4; Eze 16:40; 21:3-5).

It is a symbol of divine chastisement (De 32:25; Ps 7:12; 78:62), and of a slanderous tongue (Ps 57:4; 64:3; Pr 12:18). The word of God is likened also to a sword (Heb 4:12; Eph 6:17; Re 1:16). Gideon's watchword was, "The sword of the Lord" (Jg 7:20).

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This is constantly referred to in scripture as the instrument of death, and is mentioned in the N.T. as being borne by the magistrate, Ro 13:4, showing that the gospel does not set aside God's governmental principle of capital punishment which was enjoined after the flood. Ge 9:5-6. See ARMOUR, ARMS.

SWORD OF THE SPIRIT. This is the word (????) of God, what His mouth has spoken, and is the only offensive weapon given to Christians with which to fight the Lord's battles. Eph 6:17. The word (?????) of God is likened to a two-edged sword, Heb 4:12, and the words of the Lord Jesus when He will come forth in judgement on Christendom and the world are compared to a "sharp two-edged sword." Re 1:16; 19:15.

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