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A governor of Samaria under Darius, whose administration was characterized by great justice and moderation towards the Jews, Ezr 5-6, B. C. 519.


gift, a Persian governor (Heb pehah, i.e., "satrap;" modern "pasha") "on this side the river", i.e., of the whole tract on the west of the Euphrates. This Hebrew title pehah is given to governors of provinces generally. It is given to Nehemiah (Ne 5:14) and to Zerubbabel (Hag 1:1). It is sometimes translated "captain" (1Ki 20:24; Da 3:2-3), sometimes also "deputy" (Es 8:9; 9:3). With others, Tatnai opposed the rebuilding of the temple (Ezr 5:6); but at the command of Darius, he assisted the Jews (Ezr 6:1-13).

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A Persian satrap "on this side," i.e. the Jewish side, of the Euphrates (Ezr 3:5-6; 6:6,13). (See SHETHAR BOZNAI.)

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The king of Persia's satrap in Palestine, who sought to stop the Jews from rebuilding the temple. Ezr 5:3,6; 6:6,13.

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(gift), satrap of the province west of the Euphrates in the time of Darius Hystaspes.

Ezr 5:3,6; 6:6,13

(B.C. 520.) The name is thought to be Persian.

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