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South, a city and region in Eastern Idumaea, settled by Teman the grandson of Esau, Ge 36:11,15,42; Am 1:12; Hab 3:3. The men of Teman, Ge 36:34, like others of the Edomites, had the reputation of great wisdom, Jer 49:7,20; Ob 1:21. Compare the sayings of Eliphaz the Temanite in the book of Job.

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id. (1.) A grandson of Esau, one of the "dukes of Edom" (Ge 36:11,15,42).

(2.) A place in Southern Idumea, the land of "the sons of the east," frequently mentioned in the Old Testament. It was noted for the wisdom of its inhabitants (Am 1:12; Ob 1:8; Jer 49:7; Eze 25:13). It was divided from the hills of Paran by the low plain of Arabah (Hab 3:3).

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("on the right".) So south to one facing east. Son of Eliphaz, Esau's son (Ge 36:11); a duke of Edom. The southern part of Idumea. Habakkuk (Hab 3:3) confirms this southern position, from which as the starting point in the region of Mount Paran the Holy One's coming is northwards. Eze 25:13 translated "I will make it desolate from Teman (in the S.) ever, to Dedan (in the N.W.); they shall fall by the sword," i.e. the whole land of Edom. Famed for wisdom: Jer 49:8, "is wisdom no more in Teman?" etc.; compare 1Ki 4:30, and for "mighty men" Ob 1:8-9. Eliphaz the Temanite is mentioned as a wise man in Job 2:11; 22:1. Eusebius and Jerome mention Teman as a town 15 miles from Petra, and a Roman post.

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A tribe (and district) of Edom, whose importance is indicated by its eponym being the eldest son of the eldest son (Eliphaz) of Esau (Ge 36:11,15; cf. Ge 36:42), and by its being taken along with Bozrah (wh. see) to represent the whole land of Edom (Am 1:12; cf. Ob 1:9). Eze 25:13 implies that Edom stretches from Teman to Dedan, from which we infer that the former lay in the north-east of the territory claimed by Edom, that is, to the S.E. of Moab. Its inhabitants were renowned for wisdom (Jer 49:7), and the chief of Job's counsellors was Eliphaz 'the Temanite' (Job 2:11).

J. F. McCurdy.

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Te'man Temani, Te'mani Temanites. Te'manites

Son of Eliphaz, a son of Esau, and a duke of Edom; also his descendants and the district inhabited by them. It is four times connected with Edom, and twice with Dedan: this associates it with the south. Its wisdom is spoken of, and God's judgements are pronounced upon it. One of Job's friends was Eliphaz the Temanite. Ge 36:11,15,34,42; 1Ch 1:36,45,53; Job 2:11; Jer 49:7,20; Eze 25:13; Am 1:12; Ob 1:9; Hab 3:3, in the margin 'south.' Not identified.

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(the south).

1. A son of Eliphaz, son of Esau by Adah.

Ge 36:11,15,41; 1Ch 1:36,53

(B.C. about 1792.)

2. A country, and probably a city, named after the Edomite phylarch, or from which the phylarch took his name. The Hebrew signifies "south," etc., see

Job 9:9; Isa 43:6

and it is probable that the land of Teman was a southern portion of the land of Edom, or, in a wider sense, that of the sons of the east. Teman is mentioned in five places by the prophets, in four of which it is connected with Edom and in two with Dedan.

Jer 49:7-8; Eze 25:13

Eusebius and Jerome mention Teman as a town in their day distant 15 miles from Petra, and a Roman post.

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