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peer. Eze 24:17,23. The ornamental head-dress or "cap" worn by priests on festive occasions. Isa 61:10, "as a bridegroom decketh himself with a priestly head-dress" (peer); same word as in Isa 61:3, "beauty (peer) for ashes" epher, play upon like sounds); to give the ornamental head tiara for a head-dress of ashes (2Sa 13:19). Appropriate to the kingdom of priests consecrated to offer spiritual sacrifices to God continually (Ex 19:6; Re 5:10; 20:6).

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An ornamental head-dress. Eze 24:17,23. The same Hebrew word, pe?r, is translated 'bonnet' in Isa 3:20; Eze 44:18; and 'ornament' in Isa 61:10. In '/Isaiah/3/18'>Isa 3:18, 'round tires like the moon' is a translation of a different word, saharonim, meaning 'crescents,' as in R.V.

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an old English word for headdress. It was an ornamental headdress worn on festive occasions,

Eze 24:17,23

and perhaps, as some suppose, also an ornament for the neck worn by both women,

Isa 3:18

and men, and even on the necks of camels.

Jg 8:21,26

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